Thank you for sharing this article with me and for the opportunity to reply. Please rest assured knowing that your concerns regarding the cleanliness of our city is, and has always been, of great concern to me and everyone on council. I will be more than happy to do a ride around with you, just kindly confirm when you would like to coordinate for sometime next week.

Please note, I did receive the letter which I kept, but it does not reference a contact number or an email address to specifically reply to.

Nor did I assume that the unreferenced email address on the header of your letter was an appropriate source for contact, which is also not this email address you are contacting me from now so I took a different route to reply to you.

It is indeed unfortunate if no other council members replied to you, however for the record, on September 25th while I was in the area I passed by the address of 405 NW 21st Street, found on the envelope of your letter, and left a personally handwritten note with my contact information. I did try to leave it somewhere dry and visible for you. Perhaps it was picked up by someone else and discarded, or overlooked completely if you did not receive it. I recognize those mishaps do happen sometimes. I distinctly remember the home quite clearly, it was a lovely corner home decorated for fall, with a nice manicured lawn, and a carport which sheltered me from the afternoon rain as I wrote the note (twice), taking great care to respectfully correct Jacobson to Jacobsen.

Nonetheless, I’m here to help so just reach out any time. Email is probably best although I do enjoy receiving letters in the mail.

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