Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Those numbers are great but several factors should have been included on the

petitions to make them unbiased. We need to define, who has the right to determine the property rights of others and the future of the Redlands.

Should those living on 5 acres or more have the determining vote on land 5 acres or greater? Should those living on smaller parcels be allowed to deny others equal opportunity? Should non-property owners (non-real estate tax payers) have a voice in real estate property issues? Do we allow people outside the area to determine the future of the Redlands? Perhaps someone should ask the County Property Appraiser how many land owners in the South Dade area own 5-acres or more? My guess, at best, if you compare that list to the signed petitions you would have only several hundred signatures that truly represent the Redlands.

If we want to keep the Redlands rural then that should be determined by a vote of those living in the Redlands. Whether pro or con, people from Cutler Bay, Palmetto Bay, Kendall, Miami Beach and other parts of the county have no business determining the fate of our community…therefore, their signatures on the Redland petitions should not be


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