Letter to the Editor - Paving the Redland

Letter to the Editor - Paving the Redland

Your readers need to be aware that the Urban Area Expansion Task Force, a group selected from organizations county wide to act in the best interests of the community, has made recommendations very favorable to all of us here in South Dade.

Their recommendations (fully supported by the Miami Dade Planning Dept.) that Redland be excluded from expansion of the Urban Development Boundary and protected from development will go before the Board of County Commissioners on Dec. 18th. The recommendations will benefit all residents of S. Dade by lessening the ever- increasing traffic congestion and relieve pressure on our schools and all municipal services, police, fire etc. The recommendations preserve our horticulture and agricultural industries, groves, tropical fruits and vegetables vital to south Dade and protect wetlands and our future supply of drinking water.

The developers have put forward an alternate proposal which would open Redland and other rural lands to development. A small group of large land owners are supporting the developers and are attempting to use the Agriculture Practice Advisory Board to falsely feign that the rural community of S. Dade supports development. A motion by this self- interested group is on the agenda of the next Ag. Practices meeting Dec. 4th calling on the County Commissioners to reject the recommendations of the Urban Expansion taskforce and the planning dept. and to permit development in the Redland and other rural areas.

Constituted over 30 years ago when agriculture in Dade was vastly different, the current Ag. Practices Board is no longer accurately representative of the rural community of South Dade. Everyone who is interested in preserving the long term viability of horticulture and agriculture in S. Dade and in preserving our rural life styles, schools, water, green open spaces, and tranquility should attend the Dec. 4th meeting which takes place at the Cooperative Extension Service, 18710 SW 187 Ave. at 9:00 AM. Representatives of our County Commissioners and hopefully the media will be there to hear where the rural community of South Dade really stands on this destructive and self- serving proposal.

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