I am sorry to say but it is now apparent there are two Homesteads in the City of Homestead.

One new Homestead is on the east side of US1 and the Old Homestead is on the West side of US1. It is a pleasure to look at the New Homestead as it looks clean, no potholes, well-kept lawns, no used throwaway furniture and trash in front their homes, and the residents there take pride in living there.

The Old Homestead is not a pleasure to look at as it is not clean, many potholes, furniture strewn on the roadway that adjoins the man, many rental apartments, and the grass on the swell area is almost if not gone and in its place is potholes and muddy and rutted area where the many cars and trucks are parked. The Old Homestead used to be the best place live way back.

The Southwest and the Northwest sections are almost a waste land. If you live in the Southwest and part of the Northwest up to 15th Street (Kings Highway) it is an embarrassment. North of 15th Street to Avocado Drive is not too bad now, but the decay will be there soon unless the City Fathers and Mothers do something about it now.

You have a mayor, one Councilman that lives in the upper area of the Northwest section and one Councilwoman who lives in the Northwest section, but represent the Southwest section. The rest of the council lives in new Homestead.

There used to be, but not anymore, a Beautification Committee for Homestead. They worked really hard to make and keep the Northwest and Southwest sections real nice. It was made up of local residents that lived in the area, and they took pride in the hard work they did to make Homestead look nice.

Election time is coming soon, and I would like to hear what our Mayor and Councilmembers have to say on what they are going to do to make the Northwest and the Southwest sections a place that we all can say that we are now proud of. The City of Homestead gets money from grants to spend on different projects. Spend some of that money to make our area nice and proud to live in. After all, we pay taxes and are voters. We deserve the same consideration in our sections as those in other sections.

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You are spot on. We all pay taxes yet one side of Homestead is CLEARLY better maintained by public works than the other.

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