Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Every day,I hear complaints from others about our traffic, about overdevelopment,about lack of bookstores, galleries, etc. and how Homestead is not what it used to be. Well, sure, progress is a given but not this type of progress.

There are those running who make the excuse that these lousy-for-the-public but good for the politicians-development deals were made long ago. Well, it does not have to continue this way. There are a few who want to change this attitude in our government.

I am dismayed that less than 10% of our registered voters came out to vote.

How can we expect good change to happen if we don't participate in making it happen?

My feeling is that if you don't participate in your own elections, then don't


Thank you,

Nancy M.Coppola, Homestead

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