We've ALL seen them on every stop sign and many busy intersections around town, the WE BUY JUNK CARS signs that pop up like fleas on a stray dog. Guess what? You can rip them down.

They are considered gypsy signs by Miami-Dade County and illegal. The folks at 311 will flat out tell you it's ok to rip them down. Just grab them and spin them like a wheel to break the zip ties. No tools required.

Better be on the ball though, you can easily collect 40+ in the matter of an hour in some parts of Homestead and they'll be back the next day.

If we all make it a point to rip down the one on our block maybe they'll get the message.

The corrugated plastic ones are not recyclable but make great art

material for kids to cut up and make stuff out of.

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