Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

I am bothered by the mass murders that happened this week in Pensacola. It bothers me, but what really bothers me is the people who swore a oath to the Constitution of the United States of America then break that oath and scheme to take away the most important right provided for us in the Bill of Rights. The ability to defend yourself against another person, animal or government is a basic human right and anyone who wants to take that away from you is immoral. What Miami Rep Javier Fernandez proposes and Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried backs is just another chip off the rock called freedom. She, Nikki claims another loophole needs to be rectified immediately. Don’t the state governments share information between themselves? If the state has all the other information you must provide for a concealed weapons license, why do they need to retain fingerprints for a longer period. The proposal also shortens license from seven to five, another burden imposed upon us by the government when there should be no burden at all, “Shall not be infringed”. Another imposition would be the submitting proof of a firearms training or safety course within 6 months of renewal by a law enforcement agency or nationally recognized organization “that promotes gun safety.” What other “right” requires something like this? Should a training or safety course be given to journalists every five years so they can work? Should politicians take a course on the Constitution after winning any election? Nikki said in her news release, “These program enhancements will… There should be no program, no enhancements, no license, nothing. Constitutional carry should be the law of the land as it says in the Second Amendment.

If they feel so passionate about taking away our right to keep and bear arms then they should propose a Constitutional Amendment and do it the legal way, not piecemeal it to death. How many times have our rights been infringed upon? The firearms act of 1934, 1968, NICS, bump stock ban, short barreled rifles, suppressors, sawed off shotguns, the 1994 assault rifle ban, ERPO’s (Red Flag Laws), just to name a few. It these politicians, along with the actors, the so-called media/journalists and other sycophants who want to further restrict our RIGHTS give up their armed guards/security/police, then and only then would I even begin to engage them in dialogue.

You can talk about how we cannot let these mass murders happen again, but it will. Evil has been part of the human condition/experience since Cain slew Able and will be, until there are no people left on earth.

Firearms are inanimate objects that require human intervention to function. If left alone they will gather dust and rust. More people die from automobile accidents and medical errors than firearms, and most that die from firearms are from suicide, then gang/criminal related deaths. FBI/DOJ statics show that violent crime is down across the board. Professor Gary Kleck has research that shows where there are more concealed carry licenses crime has decreased. Even the CDC has stated that between 500,000 to 2.5 million defensive uses of firearms happen each and every year. So, do you think that if firearms were banned there would be less murders when only the criminals would have them? Because they do not now or ever will follow the law, hence the name criminal. I am willing to debate either side, pro or con.

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