Given the last election was one of the most secure elections in our country's history how can this former lieutenant governor claim that Democrats are planning to make election cheating easier. There was no voter fraud, there and was no cheating. Contrary to Ms. McCaughhey claim, Democrats are not trying to make things easier for you to cheat, they are trying to make things easier for you to use your constitutional right to vote and not obstruct that constitutional right. In about every republican-controlled state, more and more election laws are being enacted which do nothing but make it more difficult for a person to vote. Ms. McCaughey and her Republican counterparts are basing these laws on an (unsubstantiated) claim that there is extensive cheating or the potential for cheating. We all know that is not true and for her to make that claim that Democrats are trying to make it easier to cheat is unsubstantiated and a false narrative.

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