From my understanding, science is precise and can be replicated by others, it is not a consensus.

The UN controlled IPCC used refined data (manipulated) for their report and are unwilling to release the raw data for examination. East Anglia Climate Research Unit was involved in controversy over covering up the data and peer review manipulation. You have probably heard the axiom, “Garbage in, garbage out”.

Precise terms are used in science, not ambiguous words. Please define exactly what is climate change, also global warming? Water vapor, i.e., clouds are the most common greenhouse gas on the planet. How will we get rid of those? Historically, before industrialization, there have been higher levels of CO2. Also, plants use CO2 to grow and produce oxygen for us to breath, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Exactly how would these world-wide quick and drastic cuts affect people in industrialized and developing country? Probably not in a good way. Would they be equitably distributed? Probably not.

If you really want people to believe in something you need to demonstrate your support and lead by example. Take Ghandi and MLK Jr. for example, they were leaders. It would be great if those who believe in climate change would stop contributing to the damage it causes and lead by example. Stop using fossil fuels, a/c, airplanes, cell phones, don’t eat red meat, grow your food, live sustainably.

Often zealots make use of terrifying words to scare others into belief. Such as global consequences, drastically, unequivocal, immediate, rapid, large-scale reductions, huge challenge, equitably, zero emissions, in the face of rising seas. That is an emotional appeal, not science.

MDCCAS initiative uses all the trending buzz words, but what are they doing? If they were really concerned, they would focus on mount trashmore which produces methane on the edge of Biscayne Bay. How is M/D county going to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 without worldwide control? Doesn’t the atmosphere envelope the entire earth? Is M/D school board going to have kids sit outside, walk to school to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions? How much has sea level risen in Miami in how many years? Projections are only as good as the data put into them, again GIGO. From my understanding sea level has been rising since the last ice age. Time magazine warned us in the 1970’s of an impending ice age. My how time flies. Have you not heard of warming and cooling cycles?

One way the four southeast Florida counties could collaborate, and help would be a building moratorium. The key stake holders are the taxpayers, not government and academia.

Chief Bay Officer? Sounds like DERM could handle that. We don’t need another county employee paid with taxpayer money. And I am positive we do not need a Chief Heat Officer. I’m sure local governments can dedicate resources to combat extreme heat, another buzz word. Do you not realize that we live in south Florida where heat and humidity are a way of life? And exactly who are the vulnerable communities you speak of?

If interested, I am open to a spirited debate on this subject. You pick your side, and I will take the other.

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