Now that the election is over, we are still faced with the old problems of dirty area’s of the NW, SEW and more sections of Homestead.

Myself and many other residents opinion is to hire more code enforcement officers (not just 2) as well as more police officers for the ongoing and increasing violations.

The homeowners take pride in keeping their property nice and clean, and yes there are some homeowner violators. The homeowners pay taxes for the services rendered to them by the city.

On the other hand, there are alot of absentee city property owners who rent their dwellings to make a good profit. Most of them are not concerned. Most of the renters are good people trying to earn a living and do what is right but unfortunately there are quite a few of them that do not care. What part of the city they live in matters to them. They enjoy all of the amenities that the homeowners enjoy, except they do not pay any taxes. When many of them move in or out they dump all the stuff they don’t want on the street for the city to pick up. When some of the renters skip out they leave not paying the electric, water and garbage bills. Some go to another place to rent and set up a new account.

What happened to the single family homes? There are many homes adding three to six families to their property by adding small buildings, sheds and trailers. Where or how did they get their permits? We all should go by the rules. Where has our city government, code enforcement been allowing this to happen. This is bringing our town down.

Myself, and others giving me their input on my letters to the editor, think the city should make an ordinance that the absentee landlord is responsible to the city if they rent their dwellings out and their renters leave the city holding the bag, so to speak. After all, the absentee landowners are making a profit renting out their dwellings. Think about it. There needs to be a solution. Maybe Councilmembers get together with some homeowners that still live here and care about our town.

What do you say City Councilmembers?

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