Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

At the Homestead City Council meeting on 2/19/20, TAB #7 presented the mindboggling proposal to use 100 acres in Homestead for what will essentially be a vehicle dumpster, a multimillion-dollar project dipping deep into the taxpayer’s pockets. The project is estimated to generate a pitiful $300,000 in tax revenue for the City, while costing us millions of dollars.

The developer was evasive about the long-term jobs it may develop post-construction, but does not expect to create any fulltime, sustainable job opportunities, possibly only a couple of part time jobs with no benefits. A terrible idea in terms of serving the Homestead labor market.

We must demand that TAB #7 is wiped off the table immediately. Thankfully some council members had the common sense to reject it. Others, such as Larry Roth, asked for deferment of a vote until the fifth council seat may be filled. There is reason to question Roth’s motivation, as it is likely related to the generous donations by the developer during Larry Roth’s political campaign last year, allegedly at least $5,000. How much money have other council members received or need to be persuaded?

As a resident of Homestead and raising three children here, it is very disturbing that we continue to experience dirty politics among some council members who ignore the need for job creation. Homestead is growing rapidly with new housing popping up like mushrooms everywhere. But we must also bring jobs into the area to make this growth sustainable and advantageous to our taxpayers and our children growing up here. This dumpster project, with or without yet another park, is a terrible idea, as it does not provide any long-term jobs for our community and the next generation. It is just politics, and money in some people’s pockets.

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