Dear Editor:

I am well pleased and excited that Elvis Maldonado is in the run off and will be our new mayor of Homestead. It is the time of a new beginning for Homestead. We, the citizens deserve the best.

I have known Elvis for over 20 years and have found him to be an excellent

person of outstanding character and will not be a disappointment as our new Mayor.

He is the person we need to be the mayor of Homestead as he does not have any hidden agenda or any ax to grind against anyone, but only wants to serve the citizens of Homestead to make it a bettter place to live and raise our families.

He has served the citizens of Homestead for over 10 years as a Homestead City Councilman and did an outstanding job and is well qualified to be the next Mayor for our city.

I am openly endorsing Elvis for Mayor and will vote for him on November 2nd and encourage all of the voters to do the same. In this way, we will all be winners when he is elected Mayor. Homestead is not and will not be for sale any longer.

Open your windows and let the old stale air (Steve Losner) out, and let the fresh air (Elvis Maldonado) in. Out with the old and in with the new should be the new slogan for Homestead.

Congratulations to our new and upcoming mayor, Mayor Elvis Maldonado.

A new, bright and exciting beginning for the citizens of Homestead.

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