This week a dozen anit-gun/freedom/science senators sent a letter to the FTC demanding an investigation of “unfair and deceptive advertising practices used by the firearms industry.”

Alleging gun makers have been misleading the consumers about safety and “target children and teenagers.”

This 4-page letter is filled with so many exaggerations, so much deception and outright lies that the FTC should be investigating these senators. These are the same people who want to overturn federal law, the PLCAA and restrict or remove the Second Amendment. These senators also took an oath of office in which they swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, an oath of which they violate daily.

There are way too many lies to counter, so let’s just stick with the most egregious. They claim, “The rare instances in which a gun owner successfully uses a firearm for self-defense are far outweighed by the vastly higher number of injuries and deaths for the owners, family members, and other cohabitants.

And then they use “research” from the CDC,

Here is info on causes of death in America, most current year,

Notice that firearm related deaths are not in the top ten.

And in contrast, here is research from Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz, criminologists, Skip down to pages 34-36 for the numbers of 2.1-2.5 million defensive firearms uses yearly. More recently is this, 1.7 million defensive usages.

Then the claim these advertised firearms, AR-15’s) are “military and law enforcement grade firearms.” Notice the change from the “weapons of war” previous talking point? Context is everything. Until 1934 and the unconstitutional creation of the National Firearms Act, the weapons that the settlers who came to America, the colonists who fought the British army to gain freedom from tyranny, and citizens could purchase and possess were the same weapons the military had. Are we to believe because of some unconstitutional legislation suddenly, they became different? Fact is that the semi-automatic AR-15 was manufactured years before the M-16, fully automatic weapon was produced for the military. Even Wikipedia supports this. And Wikipedia is not a right wing entity.

Finally, “This scheme has worked – to the benefit of the firearms industry and the detriment of consumers.” What a twisted bit of rational this sentence is. The only scheme I see is these senators attempt to censor a lawful, highly regulated private industry. Isn’t advertising supposed to benefit the company, otherwise, why spend money advertising? And finally, to the detriment of consumers? Again, the firearms industry is an industry which is highly regulated by the government in which manufacturers are held accountable. Consumers have reaped the rewards of this industry by having the freedom to purchase any number of different types of firearms, each according to their own preferences. These firearms are safe for individuals to possess and use. A firearm is an inanimate object that requires human interaction to function whether for good or evil. It is not the firearm, it is the person holding the firearm.

Over the past two years with an out of control government mandating certain citizens have spoken with their dollars, the dollars the government has not behavior and overlooking other types of behavior it is no wonder American taken from them for nefarious purposes and purchased a record number of firearms, especially the AR-15.

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