It is hard to listen to the news or read a newspaper without the hair rising on the back of my neck. The June 7th issue of the South Dade News Leader published a letter from Debbie Mucarsel-Powell regarding the detention facility for illegal immigrant children near Homestead Air Force Base really got to me.

Seems to Debbie, the facility is being operated under sub human conditions so she is calling for its immediate shut down. So Debbie, what are the alternatives you forgot to include? Where do these children ranging in age up to 17 go? Most are without parents or guardians in this country. They are not children ripped out of their parent’s arms at the border. So, what is their option? Do you have a plan for another facility you forgot to mention or is foster care an alternative??? And what about our own children living in slums with far less than the immigrant children get at the Homestead facility, aren’t they important anymore?

One general question for ALL who “serve” in government that criticize this program without offering solutions…how many of these children will you offer to house in your homes if you close this facility? Why not work on getting a solution to stop illegal entry at the border so future housing problems like this go away? While you are at it, why not propose workable plans on all social, National and International issues that plague this country? Are you more interested fighting the “Present Administration” then finding solutions to real issues? After all, there are only 2 years left till the 2020 elections when the public will voice its choice on the following 4 years. Why waste the present fighting if you are so sure your party will be returned to power in 2020. For God sake, get something positive done! Nothing would give American voters more pleasure then to have BOTH the Democrats and Republicans put aside their vindictive agendas and address the needs of the American People, in a cooperative manner, FIRST!

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Very well put. Having spoken to an ex-employee of the facility, poor care is far from what they get. 3 hots, a cot, clean air conditioned facility, education, recreation, calls to family several times a week is hardly slum conditions. Yes, the kids are caught in the middle but were put there by parents using them as human pawns. The best solution is one the democrats dont want to hear, instant deportation for all caught entering illegally.

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