Just got done reading the latest issue, June 7. 2019 of the SDNL and have some comments.

First. Your top of the fold headline “Porter Announces Run for Fourth Term as Mayor” causes me some concern. Full disclosure, I do not live in Homestead, I live just outside city limits. In the article he said “There are projects I’d like to see finished”. Then why did he resign and run for Florida Agriculture Commissioner? That comment prompts me to think he is just another politician who yearns for the power of the position. In the early years of our country politicians held public office for a few years/terms and went back to their private lives. Now it seems like people want to get into office and remain there a lifetime. In my opinion there should be term limits for all political offices. Look at the number of senators and representatives in congress and tell me they should still be here. There are many jobs that you can make a career out of, but politics should not be one of them.

Second, I would like to address some of the comments in the Op-Ed by Congresswoman Mucarsel-Powell. She claims they are fleeing violence and extreme poverty in their home counties. Those are not lawful reasons to immigrate to America. Should we allow every person in the world fleeing violence and extreme poverty into America? If not, how many? And if so, most of the world would be coming. Every year we allow, through legal immigration, over one million people into America who wait for years, pay large sums of money and want to assimilate into our culture. So far this year we have had approximately the same number of illegal immigrants come into America over our southern border. Just in case she didn’t know, this program occurred before President Trump was elected. I wonder if she will say this symbolizes everything that is wrong with the Obama Administration’s cruel immigration policies that separated these families. Probably not, she is just a partisan hack. I do actually agree with her on one point. There should be a plan in place to evacuate the children in case of a hurricane. We have diseases now that we haven’t had in many years because virtually none of the illegal immigrants have vaccines against them. Ms. Mucarsel-Powell, please stop the pontificating, shaming and virtue signaling. The blame for these children being where they are lays fully upon the shoulders of their own parents, no one else.

Finally, I thank you for publishing the columns by Dr Williams. He is a brilliant man. Everyone should read about his early life, fascinating.

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