It is beyond my belief as a voter, homeowner, and concerned citizen in Homestead that I have not received any call backs from my letters of concern in reference to the complaints I have made to members of our city council.

I did receive an email from our Mayor stating he understood my issues.

Since I didn't get any feed back to my letter that I put in all council members mailboxes, I called to make an appointment with our City Manager. I asked if they would do a City Tour of my concerns with her and her assistant. I asked if I was driving or them and she said no we are walking. I was not. I later felt it was a joke and a waste of my time. This was not what I call a tour of the city to show her some of our bad spots. The walk was approximately 3 to 4 blocks.

I don't know why the city officials say they want to hear from the voters about any problems they have and are experiencing in Homestead and they don't take time to look where some of the major issues are. This was NOT a tour of the city in my opinion.

Since my letter of complaints, nothing has been done about the ugly pot holes, rubbish, debries etc. For example, 4th St and Krome Ave. has been ugly with rubbish, and a sign down on the ground of the median area for for weeks.

Yes, I've been told, not enough man power for some of these jobs, code enforcement, can’t use prisoners. Only more lawn venders to do more than mow grass and trim on Krome only.

Suggestion: Institute a Watch Committee made up of concern citizen in Homestead with City Council members, City Manager, and members of the Code Enforcement department. Employee's should be given a map of the city to find ugly spots in violations. Volunteers will be non-paid for this committee.

To the voters and citizen of Homestead, please MAKE YOUR CONCERNS HEARD LOUD AND CLEAR!!! I can't do it by myself. The only time I have ever seen people trying to be elected for a political office or an upcoming election etc. is to promise us anything to get the votes. Come on all of our CANDIDATES running in the election for Homestead, clean up our town and remember to do what you campaigned to do if you win.



Dumping along the roadside in Homestead

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