While reading Hugh Hudson's article referring to Jeff Porter's printed statement, I was left wondering: Porter says he does not like what Steve Losner has done...

but what is that and why? Traffic? That is a DOT issue, (one greatly needed here.) KeysGate Golf Course? That is a privately owned property.

He says that the city is exactly like it was when he left office. Just look at the development, (proposals passed before Steve Losner became Mayor), on US,1, on SW 137 Ave, and the immense development on SW 152 Ave, which I lovingly call Stalag 152, which is next to Centergate.

Steve is for limited and reasonable development, not the out-of-control stuff we see going up now. He wants to leave a city that our children will want to remain in as his family has for 99 years. Porter says he listens to the residents, implying that Mayor Losner does not. Well, this resident does not want to live in a city that is becoming another Kendall, most of the development which was passed before Steve Losner became Mayor.

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