City of Homestead Open Forum Meeting was held Wednesday night with our Vice Mayor Julio Guzman concerning our Solid Waste, Recycling, Bulk Waste. There were many residents and property owners speaking of there concerns with issues happening and not happening. I’m not able to list the people’s issues and concerns, but I suggest, do as I would and call departments and speak to a supervisor.

I personally still have issues with cleaning up the potholes in the North West sections of Homestead, especially on the roads from Mowry to North West 2nd Ave to North West 15th Street and many more areas.

Why does our city government keep issuing permits for more houses and condos? We are overcrowded and we don’t have enough roads which makes for unbelievable traffic. As a long time resident, I asked several years ago for a moratorium on building for our town.

We have single family homes in the city limits allowing small buildings, sheds, and trailers on their property. Who is giving these permits to allow this or where has Code Enforcement been the last few months or YEARS.

Big traffic jams problems abound near the private and county schools. I personally have experienced almost getting hit by a motorist who was impatient with the long lines on major highways, then two motorist in a road rage and kids trying to get to their cars to be picked up.

Could we please have a sign on Krome Ave in downtown Homestead, “Stop for Pedestrians,” 4th street and Krome Ave to Mowry.

I’m doing these editorials hoping our Mayor, Council Members, Department Heads and other who might help clean up our city will read this editorial.

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