Doris and her grands, all dressed up.

It just cannot be. I cannot believe it. Surely this was an error on someone’s part! These were the words that ran through my mind this past week.

Last Friday evening, Mr. Wonderful and I attended the very small and intimate wedding of our niece. A beautiful ceremony took place at St. Richard’s church and then the reception was held at the bride’s parents’ home, with approximately 30 people.

As we walked into the home and signed our best wishes, a sign listed who would sit at what table. We were designated to table 2. Cocktails were served as we chatted around the pool area as beautiful flower arrangements floated in the four corners of the pool.

The home was beautifully decorated by my sister-in-law. Edison lights (I just learned that is the term for those old fashion looking lightbulbs) were strung from the home out past the pool to a central pole and then onto the rear fence. Net lighting adorned the entire rear fence area. In one corner of the yard, a casual seating area was staged with a sofa and chairs, and tea lights inside of mason jars adorning the background fence. After looking closer, picture frames were also on the fence with the wedding pictures of all the couples attending the wedding, including Mr. Wonderful and myself. What a nice surprise for the guests.

Eventually, the DJ asked that everyone take their seats as the wedding party had arrived. Place cards indicated our seating at table 2 so we soon took our places and greeted the bride and groom.

The evening was wonderful but when I looked around, it was then that the thoughts ran through my head. “It just cannot be. I cannot believe it. Surely this was an error on someone’s part!” What did I realize? Why was I taken aback?

Y ou see, it was at that point that I realized that we were sitting at what one would call, “the old folks’ table!” Yes…there we were, three couples with gray or graying hair sitting together at the old folks’ table.

As I looked around I saw a very long table that held approximately 15 or 20 younger folks. Oh, they were jolly, young, beautiful and handsome.

When did this happy? How did this happen? When did I become so old? Was this just by chance as we sat with two of Mr. Wonderful’s sisters and their spouses?

Well, we are at the “old folks’ table”, exclaimed one.

But as we sat there, we looked at each other and the realization came to us that yes, we may be the old folks relegated to the old folks’ table but, between the three couples, at that table sat over 110 years of marriage experience. We have experienced from that day many years ago, to have and to hold from that day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, to love and to cherish, until we are parted by death. This was our solemn vow back then and still we continue to fulfill it. We can only pray that the newlyweds and the youngsters are so blessed to one day be sitting at the “old folks’ table”.

Looking back, the “old folks’ table” is a wonderful place

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