Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party

As we celebrate our 244th year of independence from British oppression, America is looking very different today, than it did then to our Founding Fathers.

Or does it?

With current protests across the country, many of them have birthed the destruction or removal of confederate flags and statues: symbols of racial

oppression spread across our nation.

As a result, there are those who see these events as wrong or even unpatriotic, despite America’s original history of property destruction as political protest against tyranny.

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 is widely considered one of the most patriotic of American acts, as it heralded our war for independence and subsequent creation of our country 3 years later on July 4th 1776.

As history explains, The Boston Tea Party was spearheaded by the Sons of Liberty, (dressed as Native Americans to hide their identities) who boarded British ships and dumped numerous crates of tea into Boston Harbor.

So much so that, according to

“It took nearly three hours for more than 100 colonists to empty the tea into Boston Harbor. The chests held more than 90,000 lbs. (45 tons) of tea, which would cost nearly $1,000,000 dollars today.”

And while we all know about this first act, many of us may not have ever known that in March of 1774, another yet smaller tea party took place; this time almost 30 chests of tea were dumped into Boston Harbor instead.

Even fewer Americans know that similar tea parties were done in Maryland, New York, and South Carolina thereafter.

Now before I continue, I do not mean to say that public looting is anywhere near the same thing, and I by no means advocate it -- it's a wholly different thing.

Continuing on now…

Many pro-confederates explain that tearing down statues and removing flags is a fool-hearty and ridiculous attempt to remove a crucial part of American history and legacy.

This is incorrect however, as many failed historical movements have no

monuments or any public recognition of their defeats, yet are still known and taught in schools and universities around the world.

Besides, when was the last time you saw anything anywhere celebrating the losers?

And I’m not talking about memorials dedicated to victims; again, a whole

different thing.

As an example of what another country did, what did Germany do after the

defeat of the Nazi Regime in 1945?

Immediately following the end of World War II, most Nazi flags, symbols, and statues were destroyed or publicly banned from being seen in Germany, and remain unallowed there to this day.

And in contrast to some Americans now, most Germans there do not bemoan this as an impediment to their national history; as they decline to celebrate its tragic blemish on their past, while not removing it from their history.

So why should it be any different here?

Here’s the thing, most Confederate symbology and memorials were created

decades after the Civil War ended in 1865 with the Confederacy’s defeat.

Additionally, according to a story on

entitled “How the US Got So Many Confederate Monuments”, University of North Carolina History Professor Mark Elliott said they were created for a far more nefarious reason.

“Eventually they started to build [Confederate] monuments,” said Elliott. “The vast majority of them were built between the 1890s and 1950s, which matches up exactly with the era of Jim Crow segregation.”

Not to applaud confederate history or achievements, but to continue their legacy and desire for racial separation and subjugation.

“All of those monuments were there to teach values to people,” Elliott says. “That’s why they put them in the city squares. That’s why they put them in front of state buildings.”

Now in our spirit of independence this weekend, it’s appropriate and American to become independent from these ugly values; let’s tear down racial tyranny and truly become “We, The People”.

In the Bible, the book of Ecclesiastes, chapter 3, verse 3 says:

“A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up.”

In 2020, let’s break down those things which hinder nationally equality and freedom for all, as a way to build these self-evident truths up -- for God and country, so that we can continue and more faithfully say: “God Bless the USA”.

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