The Puerto Rican community of Florida stands in solidarity with the pain of communities around the country at the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota. This act of violence, at the hands of the Minneapolis police, against an unarmed African American citizen, is one of countless unjust arrests and murders that occur in the United States too often. These injustices are the product of systemic racism and white supremacy that exist in police agencies, the judicial system and in so many other sectors of our society.

We have seen how inequality and racism are embedded in the systems we have built to protect us. During the current pandemic, our families have experienced firsthand a virus that has disproportionately affected African American and Hispanic communities with pre-existing conditions and limited access to health services. Studies have shown that police killings of black men affect the mental health of black communities disproportionately. This is an

additional risk factor for the mental health crisis faced by racial minorities in the United States as a result of social determinants of health such as systemic oppression and racism.

We stand with our brothers and sisters who demand justice today because during Hurricane Maria, Puerto Ricans on the island were treated as second-class citizens while thousands of our loved ones died as a result of being marginalized. Many of us who live in Florida, particularly Afro-Puerto Ricans, have been victims of inequality. The anti-black racism that African-American communities survive every day is also felt in Afro-Latin communities. Black Puerto Ricans in the archipelago, and in the diaspora, live at the mercy of a racial scheme that degrades, dehumanizes, and curtails their basic rights to housing, health, education, and employment. The murder of George Floyd and the pattern of black genocide, goes beyond the streets of Minnesota. Therefore, it is necessary to show solidarity and join the anti-racist fight.

Black people are killed and treated as threats just because of the color of their skin. We demand justice for George Floyd and his family, and raise our voices against racism, violence and inequality. #BlackLivesMatter.

Puerto Rican organizations supporting this public statement:

Boricuas de Corazón Inc.

Catalino Productions

Jangueo Boricua Miami

Vamos 4 Puerto Rico

Our Revolution Puerto Rico

VAMOS Puerto Rico-Comité Diáspora

CrearConSalud, Inc.

Del Ambiente


Iniciativa Acción Puertorriqueña

Alianza for Progress

Power 4 PuertoRico

Puerto Rico Connect

Boricua Vota

Voces Unidas por la Educación

Florida Immigrant Coalition

JF Medina LLC

Vacaciones con Estilo LLC

Sunstate Quality Cleaning LLC

Casa Wepa

The Annual Puerto Rican Summit

Parranda Puerto Rico

Centro Cultural de Puerto Rico en el Sur de la Florida Inc.

LatinoJustice PRLDEF

Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce of Central Florida

Misión Boricua

Hispanic Federation

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