Doris is trying the Ketogenic Diet

As an obese child, teen and woman, you know I have tried every diet under the sun. I’ve done Weight Watchers, the grapefruit diet, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, the cabbage soup diet, and on and on and on. While trying these methods, I’ve always felt like I was starving myself. I’ve grazed on every vegetable imaginable and drank enough water to fill Lake Superior. Diets are no fun and I could review every diet in the world.

I have never ever been thin. Maybe when I was born but not since then. I was the baby with rolls, chubby little girl in elementary school, the pudgy girl in middle school and the large girl in high school. As an adult I continued to grow sideways instead of upward!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how proud I was as my daughter has lost almost 70 pounds. She has done this on the Keto diet and was encouraging me to try it while she was off for the summer as she would help cook for me. So, on July 9th, the start date, I decided to give it a shot.

“What’s another diet to try that I will probably fail at!” I thought. Oh yes, if there is anything that I am really good at, it is failing on diets. Been there and done that!

OK ,well, I started the Keto diet. This diet is a low carb diet so no potatoes or starches but plenty of meats, cheeses and other goodies. My daughter made a lasagna with cauliflower that was to die for. A friend made cauliflower fried rice that no one would believe was not rice. I’ve even jumped on the cooking bandwagon and made breakfast muffins and Keto bombs!

Well, as of this week, a little over a month, I have lost 22 pounds with no hunger at all. Seriously! I am surprised at how easy it has been to stay on the diet. A loaded baked potato used to call my name but now loaded mashed cauliflower has taken its place!

Yesterday I went for blood work for my upcoming endocrinologist visit next week. This is one appointment I am looking forward to because this time, he will not look over his glasses that have slid down his nose and say, “Now Doris, I know you can do this. It’s just a matter of what you find will work for you. Your A1C is too high.” I am anxiously waiting to see if my A1C has lowered and to what extent.

My daily sugar readings have dropped from the 140 to 170 range to the 90-110 range. I am so happy with that change as well.

I have set little goals for myself in ten-pound increments. Once I see the scale go below that number I smile. This week met a goal that I have not seen in years. I’m saying that I can’t remember the last time I weighed what I do now. Not even when I was doing boot camp.

Yes, I am still obese but as of today, I have 93.5 more pounds to go to be the weight I think I would feel comfortable with. Oh, not my recommended weight by any means but what I would be comfortable at. Since March of 2016, I am now down 69.5 pounds from my highest weight, so I guess I am moving in the right direction.

So, what am I saying? Yes, I am happy with myself, but I am saying that keep

trying until you find that one thing that “clicks” with you. If I can do it…the

professional diet failer…anyone can.

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