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Doris D Meneses

Thursday 12/14/2017
There is magic

   Our sight is a wonderful gift.  To observe things first hand is such a joy.  Looking at a flower garden or fall colors.  Watching a baby being born or your child lose their first tooth.  Visually we take in experiences and hold them in our hearts as we visually create memories.

   This week I found out that visually observing our grandchildren doing something new or exciting is sheer magic!  Yes … much so that I couldn’t get enough of it.  This past week Mr. Wonderful and I were lucky enough to observe our grands at the place that is filled with magic…the Magic Kingdom…Disney World.  For four of them, it was their first time and it was special.

   Several months ago, our two daughters, Mrs. Prissy and Mrs. Assertive had devised a plan with their families to get Mr. Wonderful and I to accompany them to Disney.  Mr. Wonderful was very against the idea and kept saying no, that’s for the parents to do, however tickets were bought and plans made and he went…dragging his feet. 

   So, there we were…2 grandparents, 2 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 7 grands staying at a wonderful Hilton timeshare that a friend of Ms. Prissy provided.  Our son and his family could not make the entire trip but he, our daughter-in-law and their two children joined us on Saturday evening.  The entire family together…what more could the old folks ask?

   To start out, we headed to Epcot on Thursday.  The children, ages 10 mos., 2, 3, two at 5, 7 and 10 were ready to take on the world!  We rode Soarin’ and I told the 7-year-old, “Oh Niagara Falls!”  To which he got upset as he thought I said, “We are going to fall!”  Yeah…he didn’t like that ride.  One of the favorites was the Frozen ride except for the 10-year-old who said if he heard that song one more time…!  I wore sneakers this day thinking I would be comfortable.  NOT!  My left hip ached horribly (probably arthritic) as we walked over six miles.  Mr. Wonderful and I did sneak some time in to have a little libation in Germany as we volunteered to sit with the 10-month-old while the others went off to meet characters.

   On Friday we woke up early, I put on my Crocs and headed to the Magic Kingdom.  The Christmas decorations were wonderful and the kids were amazed.  The castle at night looked as if it were coated in ice.   We rode rides and in the afternoon, Mrs. Assertive and our 10-year-old grandson convinced Grammy to go on Space Mountain.  They had already gone in the morning with the others but now it was my turn.  Needless to say, I screamed all the way through it and my back is still sore.  Mrs. Assertive said the track they rode in the morning wasn’t as rough as the one we rode in the afternoon…gee thanks. I didn’t know there were two different tracks but confirmed that there are!  I rode it a few years ago and didn’t feel beat up like I do now.  Maybe it’s just old age?

   Besides the rides, we had fun with the three oldest girls getting fancy at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique inside the castle as they were turned into princesses.  What an experience to see them!  Our daughters brought special dresses for them and they were first escorted to a dressing room where once dressed, they were turned around into a full mirror and oh, I cherish seeing the look on their faces!  After that, it was hair, makeup and nails!  Of course, each girl asked for the extra pink and purple braids.  Once completed they were showered with Bibbidi Bobbidi magic sparkle to complete their look.  Grammy even got some sparkles but alas, they blew off on Space Mountain!  I must say that my pride leaped when our 10-year-old grandson came in and as his 5-year-old sister sat in the chair he asked, “Where’s Avery?  Where did she go?  There is a princess here now where she was sitting!”  What a great brother.  My eyes watered at this point.  Was this the boy who said he was bored on It’s a Small World?

   I did find a few things I wasn’t happy about on the trip.  First, I don’t know how much the tickets were but I know they are not cheap and on top of that, it cost $20 to park each day.  Also, the Magic Kingdom chases everyone out at 6 pm unless you pay an additional cost at approximately $100 to stay in for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas.  We had dinner reservations that went beyond 6pm so we were in the park however we could not ride any rides without that special wristband.  We had walked six miles that day as well so we were ready to go home anyway.

   Everyone behaved.  Everyone had a wonderful time…yes…even Mr. Wonderful said he was happy he went and don’t be fooled because I saw the smiles as he rode on Dumbo with one of the grands.  We also decided that we have the best children in the world.  The plans were made, paid for and all arranged.  All we had to do was show up and that we did and are very grateful.  Yes, there is magic.  We experienced the magic.  We lived the magic!  We made memories that we hope the grands will remember.

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