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Doris D Meneses

Friday 08/10/2018
Theatre through little eyes

Last Saturday I decided to take two of the grands to see “Annie” at the Seminole Theatre. Alex, age 10 and Avery, age 6 were happy to go with Grammy. Well, Alex was but Avery was hesitant until we explained that it was like the movies.

“Is there popcorn involved Grammy?”

To which I answered, “I certainly think so.” And that was the convincing factor.

The show was at 2 pm and I told my daughter and son-in-law to have the kids at the theatre by 1:30. They were going to go shopping in the meantime with their littlest one, so I thought we were set. I should have known better! My daughter will be late to her own funeral! So, I paced and waited and finally about ten minutes to curtain time, they pulled up.

I wanted to get to our seats, so we bypassed the popcorn and drinks stand and went to find our seats. Alex then volunteered to go and get the snacks and he is very responsible, so I let him go. After about five minutes, I decided to take Avery out and see what was going on. Alex was up next when we arrived, and he ordered but then was told to get in the other line to wait for the popcorn. I told Alex we would take the drinks in and I said, “Alex, stand in the next line and stay behind the lady in front of you.” To which Alex said exasperated, “Grammy, I know how a line works!” Everyone in the lobby laughed and I slinked back to my seat with Avery in tow.

Once seated, I noticed two problems. Avery sat down next to me and was promptly folded up into the seat! It was like a cartoon! “Help Grammy!” I pulled her out and for the remainder of the show I had to keep my leg draped across her chair so that she wouldn’t become a sandwich in between the cushions. Next problem was that she could not see because the man in front of her was too tall. Switched seats and still she couldn’t see with the lady in front. I do hope that a benefactor will purchase some booster seats for the children who attend the shows. It would solve both problems that little one’s face when attending a show.

Alex returned with the goods just in time for the curtain to go up.

Alex and Avery have never seen “Annie” so it was interesting to watch their reactions. Alex was very excited and followed the story line. I explained to Alex ahead of time that he was going to be responsible to write a review of the show for the South Dade News Leader. He was thrilled and wanted to know if he’d get paid. Grammy told him if he did a good job, I would pay him.

Avery watched intently, and the acting proved to be great as every time Ms. Hannigan stepped on the stage, Avery cringed and shivered. After the show, she asked if Ms. Hannigan was that mean in real life! Her favorite part was when the littlest orphan was in the laundry basket and when the dog came on the stage. The music proved a little loud for her, but I know she has sensitive ears and we were in the second row. During the bathroom break Avery was full of questions. The main one was why the children were in the orphanage and would they be there forever. I explained that maybe their mommies or daddies couldn’t keep them and of course it was, “But why Grammy?” As I prayed for the line to move quickly, the lady behind me said, “Honey I don’t think we know why they were there. It’s just a make-believe story.” OK, time to go potty! Thank God!

After the show I had arranged for Alex to interview Annie and the dog and his owners. He thought he was so special to be able to do that.

I told Alex that he needed to send me his review by Monday. I explained to him that I would not change his story at all and it had to be his words, but I would correct spelling. I figured it would be like homework to him but to my surprise he called me on Sunday to tell me he sent it to me. I don’t know why I was surprised but his review was good. Why should I be surprised as this 5th grader reads on a high school level (Grammy pride bursting through).

All in all, we had a wonderful afternoon…Grammy and the grands and watching it through the little one’s eyes was great. Check out Alex’s review in today’s issue and you can see it through his eyes. After all, he knows how a line works! Just gotta smile!

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