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Doris D Meneses

Thursday 02/23/2017
Let me go back to work to rest!

Tuesday was my first day back to work in a little more than a week as I took some vacation time. Well…I wouldn’t really say “vacation time” as I truly believe I have to go back to work to rest up from my time off!

My “vacation time” was mostly spent chasing after three little ones and handling household duties at our daughter and son-in-law’s home as they welcomed child number 4. Having a C-Section, they kept her at the hospital for 4 days so Mr. Wonderful and I were in charge as we told her husband to stay with her.

Let’s see…I helped finish Valentine’s Day cards for school, attended two of the children’s parties at school, did so many loads of laundry that I feel like I’m the Irish wash woman, cleaned the kitchen, steam-cleaned the floors, washed and folded or hung two huge loads of baby girl clothes (they didn’t know what they were having), grocery shopped, cooked, played, supervised the play room clean-up (it looked like every toy jumped out of its holding place), took them to visit Mom at the hospital, changed diapers, did bath time, prayers and bedtime. This Grammy and Papa were exhausted when they fell into bed each night with many of them being as soon as the grands went to bed!

Some of my favorite times were nap time for the little one which meant “quiet time” for the two older ones but that just meant time for Grammy to connect to the newspaper office to work remotely although Grammy needed naptime! Four-year-old Addy wanted to bake so we spent one afternoon making cherry cupcakes from scratch. That was fun as I also taught her that yes, you get to bake, lick the beaters (I never died from that..raw eggs or not) but you also have to do the dishes and she had fun doing them although it meant I again had to clean the floor but oh well, it was wonderful. Papa kept the oldest boy busy with “man work”. They piddled around fixing things and cleaning up the garage.

I will say that the kids love being outside and there were rounds of football, trampoline jumping and swinging. I drew the line with a firm “no” on trampoline jumping and when they wanted to tackle me to the ground because I could just see it now, “Help…I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” There were only a few temper tantrums…but I tried to control myself…just kidding.

Now that I’ve slowed down and gone back to work, I still feel the muscle aches and pains but not as bad. I have slowly weened myself off of the Tylenol that I was taking for the aches and pains and hope to be feeling better with a few more days of desk sitting. There comes a time in life though that you just have to admit that we aren’t spring chickens anymore and boy, my body confirmed that! My brain is slowly beginning to shift back to my bookwork and away from dirty diapers and school work.

Would I have liked to have true “vacation days”? That would be nice but I don’t think I would give up that quality time with the grands and the hugs and cuddles to do it.

The day after we came home we facetimed the kids and the first thing they wanted to know was “When are you coming to our house again?” My response, “Honey I have to go back to work to rest first!”

Now that I’m home, my other daughter asked if I could spend Friday night at her house so she doesn’t have to take her three children out during the night as her husband is flying in on the redeye from a business trip. I guess a Grammy’s job never ends. Next up…adventures in bunkbed sleeping with grandson, Alex! Ha!

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