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Doris D Meneses

Friday 10/12/2018
Well shut my mouth and let’s celebrate life

If you know me personally, you know my mouth does not get shut very often. I am known for being direct and calling it the way I see it however recently; my mouth has been shut more lately than I care.

First, over the last month, I have had a serious bout with allergic bronchitis. My mouth was shut as I did not feel well and to tell you the truth, the illness just knocked me for a loop. Actually, it knocked me for a loop, trampled me to the ground and stomped on me until I could no longer get up! For me to spend four weekends in the house, not doing anything, not going out and being quiet is a sheer miracle so you know I felt bad.

At the end of this illness, I had more oral surgery scheduled. Way back when, my front incisor broke…an old root canal and I needed to have an implant done. First, I had to have bone graft surgery which was done several months ago. This week I went back to the dentist to have the post put into the bone to prepare for the implant.

Yes, for the last month and more, my mouth has been shut and I have been quiet. It takes too much to talk when you don’t feel well so those in my path for the past month had it easy. Geez, I even thanked my boss for being so patient with me.

Looking back on the last couple of months, I sit and wonder.

On Saturday, October 13th, I will turn 64. That day will begin my countdown to retirement but these illnesses and events in my life make me wonder what life in the future will be like. I am going into this new birth year with some doubts as well as some positive thoughts.

All during these issues, all I could wonder is if this is what I am facing now that I am getting older? Will I be plagued with doctor’s visits and declining health? Will I feel good enough to enjoy time with the grands, travel and do exciting things? Will I adapt easily to a big move in our lives, out of the area? What is life to become?

With positive thoughts, I reflect that right now, I weigh less that I have weighed in over twenty years. Yes…still obese but lower in weight. I feel good about that and hope to continue to be a loser. Some days I look forward to the move next year as an opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy retirement. I look forward to more days of sewing and doing what I want to do instead of a full-time job with little time for me. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love my job but realize that I now look forward to a slower pace…. I’m getting old.

Yes, I have many worries and thoughts about the life to come but I am looking forward to celebrating whatever comes my way. Each ache, pain, tears, laughter and smiles prove that I have lived, and I should be thankful that I have the life to experience it all.

They say that life is what you make of it. Although my mouth has been shut for a while, on this my 64th birthday week, I’m opening it up and shouting out loud… “I’m determined that I will make life great no matter what! We all need to celebrate life!”

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