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Doris D Meneses

Thursday 04/19/2018
Doggone It

   I know you are all curious about the grand pup. Last Tuesday was the day the grand pup was going back home to his family as Mr. Wonderful was traveling to the west coast to do a few things for our daughter. This was the dog’s ride home.

   That afternoon I called Mr. Wonderful to see how his trip was going. He said it was going good and he was almost there. Curious, I asked how the dog traveled. Mr. Wonderful cheerfully responded, ”He travels great. No problem.”

Imagine my surprise when I arrived home to find Fletcher, the grand pup, there to greet me. I called Mr. Wonderful and was given a ton of excuses...”

   Oh, you know her husband is out of town so they didn’t want to take him home when he wasn’t there. Oh, he needs more training. Oh, he needs to learn how to stay.” And on and on and on. I then confronted him about how I asked him how the dog traveled. He said, “Well I didn’t lie...the dog does travel well. You weren’t specific as to this trip!”

OK so now I was going to be responsible to feed and take care of the dog for the week that Mr. Wonderful was gone. All I can say is that the dog proved to me exactly why I don’t want a dog!

The first casualty...a sprinkler head from the sprinkler system. Second casualty...a piece of PVC pipe from the sprinkler system...yeah he dug it up and chewed it up. Now you may say that I need to give him bones or a toy. He has toys and he ignores most of them as he prefers my shoes. I have given him bones and pig ears and he immediately takes off with them and I believe they are buried in one of the many holes he has dug in the yard! I’m starting to get worried that the dog is digging my grave!

OK picture gray haired fat lady huffing and puffing chasing a stupid dog down the dirt road! Yep...the next casualty was me! I opened the gate on Friday night to go out and the grand dog decided to escape. In the past he had been very good and would stay in the grassy area but this night he took off running. I yelled and ran after the dog and he just pleaded ignorance galloping on his merry way! Up the road and then down. Have I told you how much this dog runs? He is faster than a speeding to jump my hedge with one bound and he loves to run.

At one point I had Fletcher in the gate but my gate opener would not work (I have been telling Mr. Wonderful this but he has ignored my complaints). The dog takes off again and I called Mr. Wonderful. I figured that if he would whistle as he usually does, the dog would come. (Note...I can’t whistle!) I’m yelling for the dog, yelling at Mr. Wonderful and he hangs up on me! My blood pressure must have risen to the top! Finally, Jane, the wonderful newspaper delivery lady drove down the road and it sort of corralled the dog and I finally got the gate closed. You can just imagine how livid I the dog and Mr. Wonderful! I can just imagine what a sight Jane saw. She was courteous and didn’t burst out laughing!

Next casualty...the dog chewed the internet cable on the patio so we no longer have internet in certain parts of the house. I didn’t call Mr. Wonderful and tell him because I was still too angry.

Final casualty of the week was solar lights by the pool...yep chewed to pieces! And where does he find all the trash that I find him chewing on in the yard? I have no clue.

Now don’t get me wrong. I do like this dog. I’m conflicted as he is sweet when he calms down but he is mostly wild. I can find a few good points about him. He doesn’t jump up on anyone. He goes outside to the bathroom. He sits but doesn’t stay unless there is food. He seems to like me more than Mr. Wonderful.

We are NOT keeping this dog (I say trying to convince myself) but I have got to find a good dog trainer if he is going to be here for a while which I suspect. I asked Mr. Wonderful when he is going home and I don’t get a response. I ask my daughter who got the dog for our grandson and she isn’t sure. life is not going to the dogs!

Mr. Wonderful is back so the responsibility is on him as this is not my monkey...not my circus! Now, thanks for letting me release my pent-up frustrations and send me an e-mail if you know a good trainer for the monkey. I spent the week being doggone mad!

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