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Doris D Meneses

Friday 02/16/2018
Another Grand?

   I’ve been trying to ignore it but it is getting harder to ignore. It was a Christmas present to our six-year-old grandson from Santa however it has been at our home for about a month now for “training.” Sure…it is soft and cuddly but I think it needs some meds as it is very hyper.

    His name is “Fletcher” and “it” is a short-haired German Pointer. Yes, it seems we have another grand-dog. Our son and his family have a lovable but huge German Shepherd named Wilson and our other daughter and her family have a mixed dog name Teela and now, there is Fletcher.

We have had several dogs. I personally do not want another dog. I like dogs but it is a big commitment and I equate it to having a child. I don’t want another child either. On a recent trip to our daughter’s home, unbeknownst to me, Mr. Wonderful came home with Fletcher for “training.”

   What’s wrong with this picture? Well, as I said, I don’t want another dog and if Mr. Wonderful is away, guess who has to go home at lunch (not a hop, skip and a jump away) and let the poor dog out? Don’t get me wrong now and dog lovers don’t unite against me but I just do not want the responsibility of another dog. Maybe it stems from years ago in 1st grade when I was walking home from elementary school, I was chased by a classmate’s dog and I ended up running home with a load in my pants because I was so scared! OK…stop laughing. Just stop it! I do think Fletcher coming to our home is a ploy by Mr. Wonderful and our daughter to make me want another dog.

   So…Mr. Wonderful is training this dog. I explained to him that he must use commands with the dog that the children can use. I just cannot see my daughter allowing the children to say, “Do you want a whack?” when the dog does something wrong. A simple “No No” should suffice! We have two African Gray parrots. I like the birds as they don’t require much but you do have to watch what you say around them. The birds whistle and call the dog and then say, “dumb dog.” Hello…I wonder where they learned that?

   In the meantime, I have bought Fletcher a new fetch toy and he has now learned from me, to go and get it and bring it back to me. He has also learned…from me…to go in his crate when I tell him to. So far, Mr. Wonderful has only taught him to sit and wait for his food. I’m leading this training thing.

   OK so this past weekend we had to find a veterinarian as Fletcher started losing his hair in patches. Come to find out he has mites that are common in this type of dog and he got them from his mother. Oh joy!

Fletcher was supposed to go home this weekend but Mr. Wonderful said,    “Oh he can’t go home like this.” to which I responded, “The family has to get used to him as the skin condition is going to keep happening and he needs to get used to the grands.” Mr. Wonderful said, “Don’t start! He has a follow-up appointment.”

   As I said, I think this is a plot to once again get a dog. Well little do they realize that Grammy also has a strategy planned. This weekend, little words of encouragement will be whispered into the children’s ears…” Don’t you think Fletcher should stay at his house to get used to being there?”

   I see it in his eyes…the longing. Those puppy dog eyes that try to convince you to love him. He likes to make a warm…endearing sound and then gives those doleful eyes trying to convince me that he should stay. That’s not Fletcher doing that…it is Mr. Wonderful! Yes, he is pleading the dog’s case!

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