We all love to travel. We look forward to getting away from it all and escaping. Oh what a great time you will have if only you can get there. Yes...if only....

If you are driving on vacation, you worry about traffic and accidents. What about car problems? Oh boy....that could really ruin a vacation.

How about a cruise? I know we all worry about the illnesses that plaque entire ships but that is a one in a million event. Can’t get your sea legs? They have good meds for that.

Now if you are traveling by air...that’s another story. If you are like me, you spend days or even weeks measuring carry-ons and suitcases to make sure you will not be shamed in front of all and charged extra because of the size of your luggage. Then you spend another week packing your clothes in those bags. Now you have to decide what clothing and footwear will weigh the least. After all, you also don’t want to be that person lined up at the counter having to remove clothing and layer it on your body like you are going to the North Pole!

What frustrates you more about air travel? Is it the traffic going to the airport?

The drop-off lines at the terminal?

This past weekend I flew up to our new home above Tampa. Now what could aggravate me on such a short trip?

Upon arriving the airport and the correct gate, I received a text telling me that the gate had been changed from D11 to D24. Not too far away so I got my things together and moved to the new gate. This was the North terminal. Next up? Now I received a text telling me the flight would now leave from gate E4 in the Central terminal. Once again we packed up our things and started walking...and walking. I felt really bad for some of the more elderly who had to start walking. When we received the text messages from the airlines to move, keep in mind there were no gate agents there to assist.

Now you think this would be it but oh no...it was too good to be true. Now we were to once again head back to gate D24 in the North terminal and the plane was delayed an hour. Thinking this was it, we were settled in only to receive one more text...yes...move again to gate D37.

Finally the messages ceased and the plane actually showed up at gate D37. Six gates, two terminals and an hour late, we arrived in Tampa! Needless to say, my IWatch informed me that i had met my goal in walking! I thought I walked to Tampa!

I will say that the flight home was one gate and on time. Both planes were nice and new and had a USB port at every seat.

My biggest thrill? I buckled my seatbelt and found out that I had at least 8 to 10 in excess belt. Why thrilled? Previously I have used a seatbelt extender and then the last time I flew, the belt was very close to the end. My weight loss is showing in seatbelt measurements! Woo boo!

All in all, the travel and aggravation was worth it and I am sure when you travel, it ends up being well worth the hassles and delays. But sometimes, I get totally frustrated and the lyrics of that old song run through my head.....fly me to the moon.

Safe travel!

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