Pastor Matt Floyd

Pastor Matt Floyd

Anyone that cared could not miss the fact that the nation was in bad shape. They were open to attack from the outside. They were becoming more and more of an embarrassment every day. Was it too late to change? Was there any hope for the future? Was there anyone with the integrity, wisdom, and foresight to bring the nation back from the brink? Was there someone that cared enough?

Before we find out the answers let’s talk about our country. One thing that most Americans would agree on is that we are a very divided and even divisive country. There are many things that divide us, and we could argue all day about who’s to blame and why, but that would just divide us further. If we cannot agree on the reason why we are divided how can we agree on a solution. The answer is that it is not possible. You may be shocked at what you just read. How could a pastor write an article and say that it is not possible for us to come up with a solution to heal our divided country? I am not saying that there is no hope for our country. In fact, I believe that we have the greatest hope possible. However, the hope is not in you, or me, or in a politician coming up with a solution. The only hope is found in the One that can make the impossible a reality. There is hope for healing in our nation, but first let’s look at the story we started with.

Jerusalem had been destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar several generations earlier, and it was still in ruins. Nehemiah was burdened by the fact that the walls of Jerusalem were rubble. He was so burdened that he wept, prayed, and fasted many days. God then gave him the opportunity to do something about his burden. After getting to Jerusalem the situation was worse than he had imagined. He could have lost heart and come up with all kinds of excuses, and no one would have blamed him. Instead, God used him and those that lived in Jerusalem to rebuild the wall in 52 days. Imagine that, generations had not been able to rebuild the walls. No one alive had ever seen the walls standing. God used a cupbearer (Nehemiah) and those that had failed in rebuilding the wall to bring about this miracle. The individuals had to be rebuilt before the walls could be rebuilt. It can be easy to look at the rubble and think that it is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

It is impossible for our nation to heal without the people in the nation healing first. This is not possible without the hand of God. Without God we are all spiritually dead, lost in our sin, and on our way to Hell. We cannot help ourselves or anyone else. God gave us a solution to this problem through Jesus Christ. Jesus came to earth as God and man to die in our place so that we could go to Heaven. Unfortunately, most people never agree on this solution and they reject Jesus. Many say they believe in Him and yet they think that they can work their way to Heaven by doing good things. If you think this, you do not realize how serious your sins are. Any sin, no matter how small we may think it is, is enough to send us to Hell. God cannot let one sin into Heaven and the only acceptable payment is what Jesus did when He died and rose again. The healing of our nations cannot start without the spiritual healing of the individuals.

The one true God that made it possible for us to go to Heaven is also the only one that can make it possible for our nation to heal. The healing or our nation must start with those that have trusted Christ as their Savior. I pray that is you. Maybe you have been a Christian for a long time, or maybe you became a Christian just now while reading this article. Either way it is our responsibility to share the Gospel with the world. We cannot change minds and opinions, but God can. The power of the Gospel is greater than any force on earth. Do you believe that God can change the hearts and minds of the lost? I believe that revival could start today, but it must start with you and with me. We must stop blaming others for the problems in our country and accept the call to rebuild it from the inside.

I pray that you will join me in praying for our country and its leaders. I also pray that you will join me in walking with God and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you don’t have a good Bible preaching church, please come study God’s Word with us. You can learn more about Calvary Baptist Church at I hope to see you this Sunday at 11 am. In a few weeks I will be starting a series called, “Last Chance”. We will be talking about 4 of the most important things in our lives, Faith, Freedom, Family, and Future. You do not want to miss what the Bible has to say about these areas of your life.

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