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Exercise Videos

  • Health And Wellness

    5 things keeping you awake (and what you can do about it)

    (BPT) - Having trouble falling asleep is the worst, right? You toss and turn, you glance at the clock — again — calculating how much sleep you could get if only you would drift off this very moment. And of course, you don't, which only makes you feel more anxious, which just makes you feel more awake.

  • Health And Wellness

    Breathe Easier Two Ways

    (NAPSI)—The Federal Trade Commission estimates that Americans lost more than $4 billion to fraud and scams during the last five years—but you don’t have to be one of them.

  • Health And Wellness

    Get Connected With Next-Gen Hearing Aids

    (NAPSI)—You may have heard about wireless hearing aids but aren't sure what they can do for you or someone you love who'd like to hear better. In fact, there are many advantages to being able to stream audio directly into your hearing aids, as "John" discovered.