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Exercise Videos

  • Family Living

    Take Charge of Your Child’s Vision Health

    (Family Features) Although many children receive a vision screening at school or by their pediatricians, those evaluations aren’t enough to identify vision issues and manage overall vision health. Parents who take a proactive role in their child’s vision health can help identify and correct problems before they impact everyday life.

  • Family Living

    How to Become Your Best Self

    (Family Features) Ask yourself ... are you truly who you want to be? Is this the life you really want? Are you living each day as your best self? What can you change today?

  • Family Living

    3 Popular Eating Plans You’ll See in the New Year

    (Family Features) If you’re thinking about revamping how you eat in the new year, you might want to think twice about the trendy dairy-free plans that crop up on your social media feed – as they could leave you missing out on nutrients you need.