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Obituary - Jacob Powels

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Posted: Friday, July 20, 2018 9:26 am

It has taken me almost 365 days (356 days to be exact) to put pen to paper, and face the reality, you're not coming home. Those few little words “not coming home” cripple me, but despite my many attempts to deny, fight, and ignore the obvious, the fact still remains; you’re gone.

My sweet, angel, Jacob Powels, was born on March 29, 1992, in Miami, Fl.

Our son was born into an extended family that loved and adored him. With his blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a smile that could warm the coldest of hearts, he was the center of attention and our world.

Being the first grandchild and great grandchild, he developed strong bonds with his grandparents. I know he was the apple of his Nanas' eyes.

Jacob was quick witted with a sarcastic sense of humor, which his father adored as they were two peas in pod in so many ways. 

I feel compelled to speak to the influence Jacob’s dad had on his life, so I will touch on this briefly as its effects cannot be overstated.  Being a hands on father, Tom took every opportunity to prepare Jacob for the inevitable twists and turns life ultimately gives us in hopes to spare, or at least minimize future pains, whether that be emotional, physical or financial.

Jacob wasn’t always thrilled about the numerous “teachable moments” but he soon grew to accept and respect them.

Today, all I have are the memories to hold onto. When looking back on our life together there are several moments that stand out.

There was the time Tom was teaching Jacob to fish. Jacob seemed to be a natural because within a matter of minutes he was reeling in his first catch. They were both beaming with excitement.

Tom also taught Jacob how to express love and authentic emotion by putting those thoughts onto paper. Because of this, I have countless letters and poems that I will cherish until my last breath.

Tom, being raised by a thrifty mother, he taught Jacob the importance of a good deal (thanks, Dorothy), so clipping coupons on Sunday mornings were a must in our household.

Another Oliver must, which happened to be the cornerstone of Tom’s upbringing, was to maintain honor and integrity in all facets of one’s life.....Tom made sure these attributes were passed down to his son, which they were (Thanks, Pat).... And finally, one of the last Oliver traits I will touch on is the love, honor and respect Tom expected Jacob to have towards all woman, especially his momma, which Jacob proudly displayed (most days)

I speak of the love, devotion and energy that Tom invested into Jacob because they shared NO DNA. But no matter, Tom’s love was unshakable, unconditional and boundless even in the most trying of times.

And, finally there is me, “the mom”.. A mother of an only child. A beautiful, blue eyed prince.

I believe a mother’s love transcends all human understanding and words. A love that is so pure it radiates at the very essence of one’s being. My only thought is that there must be an intertwining of soulful energy at the time of

conception because without him I feel as though I’m a shell of who I once was. I was my son’s constant source of reassurance and endless love. He knew no matter what life threw his way I would ALWAYS be there. I was the fighter and defender for him, and I believe I’m still doing that to this day.

To touch on our son’s early years. It was a life filled with endless love and devotion all children should be privileged enough to experience.. We had the family vacations, get-togethers, Boy Scouts, and of course the laugher until your sides hurt....etc, but sadly things changed around the age of 14

The laughter we once shared was exchanged for confusion, desperation and exhaustion. After numerous Baker-Acts, Marchman-Acts, Ex-Parte orders, and innumerable hospitalizations, our son was finally diagnosed with a mental illness. I say finally because it took years for us to get answers. Up to that point, I viewed our parenting style as broken and extremely flawed. We felt no matter which direction we chose, it was wrong. The outcome was inevitably the same, negative.

Before Jacob started self-medicating, our son's passions ranged from music, he loved to play the guitar, poetry, skateboarding, and spending time with his family, and oh, how he loved a home cooked meal, but even before a home cooked meal, I think Jacob's favorite pastime was having volcano (hot) chicken wings with his dad at their favorite bbq joint, Wings N Ale in Coral Springs.

Despite his numerous attempts to get clean, the drugs took over and no amount of court petitions, treatment facilities, or white chips could stop him.

Our son’s battle ended on July 23, 2017. May his soul finally feel the peace and love he so desperately searched for while he was here in the physical world.

Jacob leaves behind a devastated but forever devoted mother, Lisa Oliver. A father, Thomas Oliver, that all children should be privileged enough to have. A great grandma, 2 Nana’s, and a handful of aunts, uncles and cousins that all love and miss him dearly.

Watch over your family, sweet boy!