John W. Sinnamon, 57, of Tavernier.

John W. Sinnamon, 57, of Tavernier. 

A 57-year-old Tavernier man was arrested Thursday morning for performing work on a woman’s home without permits or proper licensing — work that was to take days remained unfinished months later.

John William Sinnamon was charged with engaging in contracting business without certification.

The case began in October when a Key Largo woman reported Sinnamon was verbally abusing her. The victim stated she hired Sinnamon in April to perform mold mediation work on her home on Jean La Fitte Drive. The scope of the work was to take four days, but four months later the work was still not done. She further stated Sinnamon performed work out of the scope of his contract by gutting her bathroom down the studs. Sinnamon told the victim he did not need permits to perform the work.

The victim contacted code compliance and learned Sinnamon, did indeed, need permits to perform the work. The victim confronted Sinnamon. She stated that’s when he became defensive and verbally abusive. The victim showed Detective Deborah Johnson texts and emails confirming the same. Detective Johnson toured the victim’s home and found extensive plumbing and flooring construction underway and incomplete in addition to the unfinished, gutted bathroom.

Detective Johnson contacted the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. That agency cited Sinnamon $250 in November for performing work outside the scope of his contract and added that Sinnamon was not registered or licensed to perform construction work in the State of Florida.

A warrant was issued for Sinnamon’s arrest.

Sinnamon was booked into jail.

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