Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant

Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant

FPL’s Turkey Point Units 3 and 4 passed the recent NRC safety inspection for 2019.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commissioner (NRC) results concluded the facility’s performance preserved public health and safety.

The 2019 inspection was conducted by the two senior resident inspectors Tom Morrissey and Dan Orr. Their conclusion after 6100 hours of examination was that both Turkey Point units were in the highest performance category of NRC’s oversight process.

NRC’s resident inspector program began in 1978, appointing at least two inspectors to each operating site. The goal was to have the NRC independently assess and enhance NRC’s incident response ability, according to Morrissey.

“The inspectors are the nation’s eyes and ears at nuclear power plants,” Morrissey said. "The most important aspect of the program is the ability of the resident inspectors to act as emergency responders. The program allows the NRC to achieve its two strategic goals: ensuring the safety and the security of the plant’s radioactive materials.”

“The process included an emergency preparedness exercise, assurance of the environmental qualification program, and the triennial fire protection inspections, “said Orr. The process also included a cyber-security inspection.

The 2019 inspection was conducted onsite by thirteen regional investigators, the two fulltime site inspectors, plus four major team inspections during the year.

All performance indicators of the Turkey Point units were in the green category. Inspection findings are color-coded to measure performance starting at green and increasing to white, yellow or red depending on the safety significance of the findings.

“Because Turkey Point was in the licensing response column for 2019, the team will only complete baseline inspections for the remainder of 2020,” concluded Orr.

The senior inspectors said the NRC would maintain its mission critical inspections during the COVID19 pandemic.

“To ensure the health and safety of the NRC employees, there will be limited onsite inspections by regional inspectors,” Orr said. He said additional COVID-related actions included expanding telework, reviewing the operations plan on a daily basis, and coordinating actions with the industry to minimize inspection impacts on inspectors and plant staff.

Questions about the inspection can be directed through the NRC’s website at www.NRC.gov The Region II public affairs office in Atlanta can be reached at (404) 997-4417 for direct inquiries. To report waste, fraud or abuse to the NRC, call 800-695-7403 or by email to allegation@nrc.gov

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