halloween 2020

Halloween 2020

Yeah, this Halloween is looking truly frightening…

With the continual curse of COVID-19 lurking down our backs, imploring us to wear masks every day instead of on October 31st only, it would seem that this is not the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown.

And despite this holiday favorite not even going to be on TV now for me to enjoy, as I have every year since I was a kid (thanks AppleTV+), and the political nightmares haunting me night and day, I refuse to let a pandemic postpone my festivities!

I’ll mutate it into something better.

Sure, I can’t take my 7-year-old son trick or treating, but we can instead have a Halloween Party without the interruption of others: more candy for me, sorry, us.

So while we can’t go door-to-door and marvel at all of the goofy and ghoulish decorations, we can all pile into the car and drive by all of our neighborhood’s homes and stalk, sorry again, stare at all of their daring decorations.

See, not so bad.

Since we'll already be out, the moon is going to be full, so we can howl loudly at the moon too -- not sure why my son does this but, he loves it, so we all join in!

Then when we get back, we can play Halloween movies, games, or videogames and revel in our night of naughtiness, as we munch happily on...candy, of course.

Heck, this doesn’t seem so horrible after all.

And if guests arrive, we’ll lock them in a dungeon for further fun; so sorry once again, I meant to say we’ll chuck candy at them from a socially safe distance, within our humble home.

Anyhoot, no matter what you and your family of fiends, last sorry (I promise), no matter what you and your family and friends do, enjoy yourselves and be safe.

Its Halloween so anything is possible, especially with that extra hour we’ll get at 2 am on Sunday morning…oh what a night it will be indeed!


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