illegal lobsters

Two Miami men were arrested Sunday night after thousands of dollars in cash, large amounts of marijuana and illegally harvested lobsters were found following a traffic stop.

Lazaro Rolando Martinez, 27, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, 38.5 grams of marijuana, THC oil and driving an unregistered vehicle.

He was also cited for possessing 23 undersized lobsters and 31 over-the-limit lobsters.

Edward Franklin Mora, also 27, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, 114.8 grams of marijuana and THC oil.

There was an additional male and two females who were not charged.

The case began at approximately 11:30 p.m. when Deputy Jorge Moreno stopped a northbound black Ford F-150 pickup truck on U.S.1 at Mile Marker 86 after 911 Communications Specialists informed him the truck came back as not being registered and the tag that was attached as not being assigned to the truck. The truck was emitting a strong odor of marijuana.

The driver, Martinez, handed another Deputy a mason jar of marijuana as well as THC oil vape pen. The front passenger, Mora, also produced a mason jar with marijuana.

A search ensued and $3,590 in cash was found in Martinez’s possession. Additional marijuana and baggies were found inside the truck which Martinez and Mora each claimed ownership.

Thirty seven lobsters were found in buckets in the truck bed. Twenty three were found to be undersized. Martinez claimed ownership of the lobsters. The lobsters were returned to the water — six of which were still alive.

Martinez and Mora were taken to jail.

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