Scott Komitor, 59

A 59-year-old Boynton Beach man was arrested Thursday night for illegally towing a legally parked car at a Key Largo resort.

Scott Komitor was charged with grand theft of motor vehicle and property damage.

Deputies were called to Sunset Cove Beach Resort, MM99 in Key Largo, where he found two female tourists who stated their rental car, which was legally parked in front of their resort room door, had been illegally towed.

They stated they left for dinner at 6 p.m. and returned at 8:30 p.m. to find their rental Volkswagen gone. The women contacted resort management, who then discovered another resort guest — identified as Komitor — had towed their car. Komitor was driving a pickup truck that had been converted to a tow truck when he checked in to the resort. Resort management contacted Komitor and told him to return the Volkswagen. Komitor returned with the car, but told the women it would cost them $400 for him to unload it. The woman refused and called the Sheriff’s Office at that time. 

Komitor falsely claimed he had a newly minted contract with the resort to tow away vehicles. The resort owner told Deputy Molina he did not give Komitor any such authority. Komitor also erected tow away signs at the resort without the resort’s approval. While Deputy Molina spoke to the resort owner, a resort employee came forward and told Deputy Molina that Komitor had also attempted to tow away his car that same night, but the employee saw Komitor and stopped him.

The resort employee and the two women stated Komitor had dented or otherwise damaged their vehicles.

Komitor’s truck displayed a business address allegedly for Key Largo that does not exist — 10251 Overides Highway. Komitor said he made a mistake with the lettering. There was a business tax receipt for “Stardust Motor Corp,” attached to the interior windshield. When asked if he had obtained the motor vehicle number required to be displayed on the front of the vehicle as required to conduct business in Monroe County, Komitor indicated he did, but could not present any documentation.

Komitor was taken to jail.

Detectives were assigned to the case and more charges may be pending.

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