The Jean-Pierre family, Aaron, Sr., Aiyanna, Aaron Jr., and  Angelica are all smiles behind their masks as they greet new and returning customers.

The Jean-Pierre family, Aaron, Sr., Aiyanna, Aaron Jr., and Angelica are all smiles behind their masks as they greet new and returning customers.

To say someone has a culinary specialty who attended Johnson and Wales University in North Miami would not seem to be unusual. After all, they have a well-known College of Culinary Arts. Except neither Homestead Senior High School graduate Angelica Jean-Pierre nor Long Island native Aaron Jean-Pierre, Sr., were enrolled in that part of the university. She was continuing in Hospitality and Tourism and he in Business Administration when they met and later married. Many people enjoy cooking with no “chef aspirations” and Jean-Pierre’s homemade donuts were a family favorite. He decided to be a bit more creative and modified the recipe to make cinnamon buns. If one type is good, why not experiment with different flavors?

Fast forward to a work environment where his company routinely had potluck gatherings and his pastries became immensely popular. When COVID-19 closures and restrictions were put into place, gatherings such as potlucks were of course suspended, and many employees began to work remotely. In

thinking of ways to share a bit of cheer, he offered to make home deliveries. Word spread and a casual post to their Instagram account was met with a deluge of orders. Suddenly, it was more than simply friends and co-workers and trying to keep up in the home kitchen was becoming difficult. They were able to make arrangements for use of a commercial-style kitchen and their respective backgrounds proved useful as “AJ's SinnaBuns” gained notice.

In addition to the individual orders, they were contacted by The HUE Collective MIA Inc., to see if they wanted to be vendors at the monthly Black Market MIA in Richmond Heights. “It was going to be the first market we ever did,” Angelica explained.

“We were nervous, but Fred, Jaz, and Syd were amazing. They promoted and pushed us for sure. Which is why we continue to support them, and they have non stop supported us!”

The initial tent and table for market days has expanded to include having their Mini Cooper car “wrapped” to be declared “The Sinna-Mini” as they make deliveries and other appearances. “We work fulltime Monday through Friday, take orders, and deliver on Sundays.” Their tag lines continue the play on words with, “SO GOOD, IT MUST BE A SIN. Devilishly Delicious. Heavenly Sweet. Simply Irresistible. THE SEVEN DEADLY SINNABUNS: Never commit a Sinnabun of omission and try each “Sinnfully” delectable flavor: The OG, Gloria Estebun, Strawberry, Oreo, Pineapple Upside Down, Guava, and Nutella.”

Buns are sold by the half-dozen and dozen, but are wrapped individually to allow flavors to be mixed and matched. Ten-year-old daughter, Aiyanna, is always in the kitchen with mom and dad and helps at the markets. Nine-year-old son, Aaron Junior, can be depended on for his part.

The most recent surprise came as they have been invited to participate in the 2021 South Beach Wine & Food Festival (SOBEWFF). “We’re excited and have never done anything that size.”

To learn more, go to, their Facebook page, or their Instagram account.

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