South Dade Senior High School Medical Assisting students held a blood drive this past Friday at the school.

South Dade Senior High School Medical Assisting students held a blood drive this past Friday at the school.    

Isabel Cruz loves to help people. She recently helped run a blood drive at South Dade Senior High School.

“This is a way we can help save lives,” said Cruz. “My goal is to become a medical doctor.”

Cruz is a student in the Medical Assisting program at South Dade. Students in the program ran the blood drive. They encouraged students to donate their blood. Those who did received pizza, t-shirts and blankets. Around 170 students signed up to donate.

Dr. Juan Soto-Valbuena, who teaches the medical assisting classes was pleased to see his students volunteering the run the blood drive and other students donating blood.

“We are doing this as a community service project. Blood is needed in the community, and we want to help others. We are proud to make a positive difference.” he said.

Elizabeth Gutierrez, a medical assisting student said, “I like being a part of an activity that is about saving people. I believe it is important to help others and this is an opportunity to do so,” she said.

Lindsay Vega, another student in the program said, “I want to help save lives. I want to study developmental or clinical psychology.”

The medical assisting program at South Dade provides students with clinical and administrative skills to work in a doctor’s office or ambulatory care centers and urgent care centers. Students can complete the National Healthcare Association Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (CMAA), The National Healthcare Association Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA), the Allied Health Certification, the Phlebotomy Occupational Completer Points, the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certification, and the National Healthcare Association Electrocardiography (EKG) Technician Certification. The Medical Assisting Diploma can be completed at South Dade, according to information from the program.

Graduates of the program can also go on to nursing or medical school. They can pursue careers in a wide variety of healthcare professions.

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