Zoning changes in Florida City

Zoning changes in Florida City

As more people continue to make Homestead and Florida City home, land developers and real estate companies are striving to find newer locations here, to start their newest building projects.

In the war for land, some battles are still being fought, while others succeed without casualties.

Such was the case in Florida City at the Tuesday November 12th commission meeting, when the City Commission voted unanimously in favor of an ordinance to change the zoning and boundary for a 6-acre property in Florida City.

Located south of SW 352nd Street and US 1, the new ordinance updates the space and its boundaries from commercial to medium-high density use. Originally brought to the table last month, this final approval is the latest in land changes for South Dade, and one of the smoothest, meeting no public protest or discordant views.

One way Mayor Otis Wallace attributes the conflict-free zone approval is to the way surrounding residents were informed.

Explaining that in Florida City a Florida City a zoning change has a very specific legal requirement, Mayor Wallace said that every affected party within an approximately 300 foot radius is sent a mailer, detailing the plan.

This, Wallace said, eliminates the potential concern of those closer residents only hearing about these issues through word of mouth or otherwise, and then possibly being misinformed as to the details of it.

“That’s why the ordinances are met,” said Wallace. “It’s very specific, to avoid the problem of somebody who is directly affected: that being the people living closest to it. Obviously, there are things that affect the whole city, but it affects no one like the people closest to it.”

In doing so, Wallace said Florida City residents then have the ability to meet with him and others to discuss, prior to the hearing, which usually

results in effortless results.

The other reason for the peaceful resolution is the location of the property: an unpopulated area on the southern end of US 1, at the edge of the city.

“There was nothing not to like,” Wallace said, “there was no home owner next door to be damaged.”

Robert Moehling on the other hand, continues to dig his heels in, as the struggle near him continues.

As the owner of Homestead’s Robert Is Here Fruit Stand and Farm, Moehling has been amassing an army of Redland residents to petition, protest, and prohibit a zoning proposition made by Treo Group, a Miami real estate development firm, to the Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners for a vote back on July 25th.

The change pertains to the unused property at the southeast corner of SW 334th Street and SW 192nd Avenue, from low density to medium density residential development.

Moehling said the reason for the delay in resolution however, is Miami-Dade commissioners numerous changes to the vote date.

“They’ve gone to hearings three times, but they’ve canceled; they said they need more time,” said Moehling. I bring people to protest it, and then we can’t talk about it, because they cancel it.”

While Moehling said Commissioner Dennis Moss has now personally promised no further cancellations, Moehling also made his own pledge to next month’s discussion.

“I have vowed to bring 2000 people from our community in that room,” said Moehling.

Regardless of the December 18th outcome, more victories and losses will likely continue in Homestead and Florida City’s future and further land battles, between new development and current residents.

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if they have to build, please don't paint the buildings all the same stupid colors.

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