Katherine Rubio

Katherine Rubio

Mickey McGuire has stepped down for a position in Atlanta

Katherine Rubio starts her new position as Seminole Theatre executive director on September 16.

She admits to having to fill very large shoes in replacing founding

director Mickey McGuire.

“He started this theater and was so knowledgeable about this work,” Rubio said in an interview this week.

“I’m losing a friend, a mentor and a good colleague. He will be missed.”

Rubio was pleased that McGuire mentored her over her three years with the Seminole.

“I started as box office manager, then marketing director, and finally associate director,” she said. “Mickey shared all aspects of this job with me.”

“We booked limited acts this season because we changed the strategy,” Rubio said. “The Seminole will be open to acts it can pick up as they’re touring through the area. Ten shows were just added today for the season,” she continued.

“My personal favorite is the Golden Girls puppet show.”

“Mickey and I did all the booking so it was a dual labor,” Rubio added. “We picked shows where we found them like through industry conferences attended.”

Rubio’s background prepared her for managing an eclectic theater program. After high school in Miami Beach, she took a mass communications degree at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs where her sister was in the Air Force.

“I taught first grade which I loved but my heart was drawn to the arts,” she said. “I worked for a non-profit foundation and was an event coordinator for a music festival where I got my background in coordinating operations.”

“I came back here specifically for its sense of community,” Rubio said. “I moved here in 2015, two months after the Seminole Theatre opened.”

Rubio said she was committed to continuing the familiar programming at the Theatre. “As a new member of the team, I want to work closely with the Center for the Arts, the Woman’s Club and other community groups,” she said. “I’ll be attending the Seminole Theatre Board meetings too.”

“I think the Seminole Theatre Players are the heart and soul of the theater,” Rubio said.

“I plan to continue those projects, like producing the planned Aladdin Junior show in November.”

Rubio also confesses to a passion for youth and wants to promote their access to theater arts.

“I started Camp Seminole two years ago and it’s been a success,” she said. “I’m trying to encourage youth throughout the Showcase season, like having Shana Tucker partner with a local children’s voice chorus.”

“Getting kids involved in the shows really helps,” Rubio said. “Eventually I’d like to see year-round after school programs at the Seminole.”

Operationally, Rubio hopes to expand the capital improvements to the Theatre.

“It’s an important priority,” she said. “Tech-wise, we need modern tools to do what we do. The Terrace, the conference rooms and classrooms need kept up to date and made available. I’m looking forward to what we can do with those spaces.”

When asked about specific programs, Rubio understands that a successful season must appeal to the broadest audience possible.

“But I really like classic rock,” she said. “So we booked Rumors, the tribute Fleetwood Mac band, and Journey this season.”

“This position is a community challenge and I’m really humbled to be asked to run it,” Rubio added. “I love this community and my heart is in this. We’ll have the same shows bringing the quality of the arts to Homestead.”

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