Redland Christian Academy is pleased to announce it has received a $10,000 grant from BOKS (Build Our Kids Success), an initiative of the Reebok Foundation.

These funds will support (BOKS/Redland Christian Academy Athletics and any other applicable health and wellness initiatives. Redland Christian Academy was one of ten across the United States awarded funding due to their creative implementation of the BOKS program throughout 2020 ensuring kids stayed active, positively affecting their physical and mental health. Redland Christian Academy is a K4-12 school.

Students range from age 4 – 19.

The grant will help invigorate our athletic program for all the students we serve through a variety of athletics that we offer such as soccer, basketball, softball, flag football, and volleyball.

“The BOKS grant is an incredible blessing for our school. We struggle to compete with larger schools in the area but BOKS has helped us even the playing field and given us a boost to propel our athletic programs to the next level. Thank you, BOKS for making a difference for our students and our community.”

Principal Daniel Carrillo said BOKS is a physical activity program designed to get kids active and establish a lifelong commitment to health and fitness. The Defenders of Physical Activity Award allows BOKS to direct unrestricted funds to schools and organizations using BOKS’ free curricula to get kids active and healthy in the method that works best for their current educational environment. The funding helps support BOKS and other wellness initiatives during the school year.

Redland Christian Academy is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is governed by Homestead Church of Christ, and has been serving Homestead for over 40 years.

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