William (Bobby) Rea is running for  Council Seat #3.

William (Bobby) Rea is running for Council Seat #3.

Lifelong resident of South Dade and twenty-eight-year law enforcement

veteran William (Bobby) Rea has entered the race for Homestead City Council Seat #3. As he says on his website: “My career with the city gives me a unique perspective of the inner workings of "city hall." I'm not a "politician," and I have no intention of becoming what you may expect. I'm driven by my own experiences both inside and outside of the political structure. It is that very machine that concerns me today. I'm running for city council not as an insider, but as an alternative to the status quo.”

In response to the question as to why run in this election, “I’ve decided to run at this time mostly related to development in the eastern corridors in the city and a little bit about transparency.” Traffic, “is a nightmare”, and while work in progress is helping, “We’re years late with some of the roadway issues, and we continue to approve some pretty significant development; especially like the 770 [units] in Keys Gate, where we’ve shifted density and compacted more into less.” 

In looking at the amount of available land to develop, he voices the points of, “We need to be very careful about how we go in the future, be smart about

development and get the best product we can get for whatever’s left to develop, and work on our infrastructure needs.”

As to goals if elected, “The vision of the city is very important to me. My top goal is to make sure as we move forward over the next few years that what our city looks like is a really good reflection of the people who are

sitting on the Council.

I would like to see us focus on our infrastructure needs, how we progress and develop as a city, and with our parks and generally our quality of life.”

What are his first priorities if elected?

“The most important task we have right now is responding to near term actions already in play. We need to pay close attention to some things in the pipeline that are going to have a very long-term effect on our city, and how we approach the development issues rapidly coming on top of us.”

Rea was an active member of police and public service organizations such as the local Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) and the Police Benevolent Association during his career. Baseball was always a favorite for the South Dade Senior High School graduate though. Coaching and umpiring with Little League were his main sports’ volunteer efforts in his younger years. With grandchildren, he now spends extra time with Pop Warner Football.

Voters may call or text (786) 886 7357 or reach him though https://vote


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