Correction:  Results originally reported were inaccurate for two House races.

According to the Florida Division of Elections, "What percentage comprises a win in the primary? The partisan candidate receiving the highest number of votes will be nominated."

Kevin Chambliss received the most votes in the Democratic primary for the Florida State House District 117.  As there is no Republican running in the general election, he will assume the seat in November.

Jim Mooney won the Republican primary for Florida State House District 120.  He will face Democrat Clint Barras in the November General Election.

Tuesday’s Primary election in Miami-Dade County had a 26.2% turnout of the County’s 1,499,402 registered voters.

Monroe County tallied a total of 19,771 ballots in all categories for a 44.7% turnout of the County’s 44,207 registered voters.

Election Day voting with added early voting and vote by mail tallies produced a final result just after 2 AM the following morning. Votes by mail consistently was the largest category of votes this year.

The primary selects candidates only where there are contested races. Democrats were not on the ballot in Congressional Districts 26 and 27 because incumbents Debbie Mucarsel-Powell and Donna Shalala were unopposed in the primary. The contest in these two districts was among Republicans.

District 26 encompasses the Keys, Homestead and the western area of Miami. Miami County Mayor Carlos Gimenez was opposed by Omar Blanco. Blanco polled 19,707 to Gimenez’s 29,468 votes.

                 Miami-Dade County       Monroe County

Blanco        16,575/41%                 3,132/36.9%

Gimenez     23,890/59%                 5,578/64.1%

Congressional District 27 stretches from downtown Miami and Miami Beach to Cutler Bay. Congresswoman Shalala was unopposed in the primary but faces Maria Elvira Salazar, the Republican primary winner, in November. Candidate Juan Fiol got 5007 votes, Raymond Molina had 5493 votes, and Salazar had 39,626 votes or 79%.

Florida State Senate District 39 covers all of Monroe County, Homestead, Florida City and the Redland to the north and west of Krome Avenue. Democrats running to replace term-limited incumbent Anitere Flores were Rep. Javier E. Fernandez who polled 21,162 total votes to Attorney Dan Horton-Diaz’s 12,163.

Fernandez will face Republican Ana Maria Rodriguez in November for this battleground seat that could decide the majority party of the Florida Senate.

                     Miami-Dade County     Monroe County

Fernandez      13,685/64.7%             3,891/45.4%

Horton-Diaz     7,477/35.3%              4,686/54.6%

Retiring state representative Holly Raschein’s District 120 seat pits Democrat Clint Barras against the winner of the Republican primary, Jim Mooney. The District straddles Monroe and Miami-Dade Counties. 

                                    Miami-Dade County      Monroe County      TOTAL

Jim Vernon Mooney        781/18%                     3,962/43.6%         4,743

Rhonda Rebman Lopez   1,793/41.5%                2,801/30.9%        4,594

Alexandria Suarez          1,747/40.4%                2,317/25.5%        4,064

Florida State House District 117 is an open seat as state representative Kionne McGhee is term-limited. No Republican is running. Kevin Chambliss won the Democratic primary and the seat, and will not face an opponent in November.

Kevin Chambliss                7,367/37.6%

Harold Ford                       5,081/25.9%

Jessica Laguerre Hylton      7,156/36.5%

Running for Miami-Dade County Commission seat #9 to replace retiring Dennis Moss were five candidates.

November holds a runoff between former Representative McGhee against former Homestead Councilmember Elvis Maldonado as no candidate received over 50% of the vote.

Mark Coats                2,013/7%

Johnny G. Farias        3,150/11%

Marlon Hill                6,286/22%

Elvis R. Maldonado    6,560/23%

Kionne McGhee        10,484/36.8%

The race for County Mayor was one of the most expensive in County history. Six candidates split the vote.

Monique Nichole Barley        22,789/5.5%

Esteban Bovo                    122,039/29.3%

Daniella Levine Cava          119,946/28.8%

Ludmilla Domond                   5,216/1.3%

Alexander “Alex” Penelas     102,152/24.5%

Xavier L. Suarez                   43,762/10.5%

WRITE-IN                                 713/0.2%

The top two finishers, County Commissioners Esteban Bovo and Daniella Levine Cava, will face each other in the November general election to become Miami-Dade County’s next Mayor.

The Miami-Dade County State Attorney position featured a Democrat primary race between 27-year incumbent Katherine Fernandez Rundle and challenger Melba V. Pearson running against her former boss. There was no Republican challenger. Rundle was elected with 61.1% of the vote at 242,016 against 153,738 or 38.9% for Pearson.

Twelve-year incumbent Pedro J. Garcia faced his employee Marisol Zenteno in the race for County Property Appraiser. Garcia was declared elected with 206,143 votes or 53% to Zenteno’s 180,488 or 47% of the vote.

Five candidates faced off in the Miami-Dade School Board District 9 race to replace retiring Dr. Lawrence Feldman. Results of the primary were:

Esther “Shelly” Fano   4,866/10%

Justin A. Koren        10,072/20.7%

Nancy Lawther          9,815/20.2%

Dennis C. Moss        13,416/27.6%

Luisa Santos            10,526/21.6%

Former County Commissioner \ Dennis Moss will run against Luisa Santos on the November ballot for a four year term in this School Board District.

Judges in the 11th Judicial Circuit run nonpartisan races for election.

Primary results by judicial group show the winners.

Group 55:

Olanike “Nike” Adebayo   183,017/49%

Joe Perkins*                   190,128/51%

Group 57:

Carmen Cabarga*           219,372/59%

Roderick “Rod” Vereen     153,812/41%

Group 65:

Denise Martinez-Scanziani*   192,744/51.2%

Thomas J. Rebull                  183,380/48.8%

Group 67:

Marcia Giordano Hansen    167,041/45%

Mavel Ruiz*                      204,316/55%

Group 75:

Rosy Anette Aponte*      209,895/56.7%

Dava J. Tunis                 160,148/43.3%

There were two races for County judgeships on Tuesday.

Group 9:

Joseph J. Mansfield         180,485/49%

Miguel “Mike” Mirabal*    188,218/51%

Group 24:

Christine Bandin*        278,490/76.7%

Shaun Spector              84,745/23.3%

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