Hawks Cay

Hawks Cay Resort

The Sheriff’s Office arrested two people and escorted about 40 people from Hawks Cay Resort & Marina Friday night following a ruckus in which a Deputy was hit in the face.

There were no serious injuries reported in the 7 p.m. incident in which the Sheriff’s Office, Florida Highway Patrol, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and U.S. Border Patrol all responded.

Yamilet Gonzalez, 21, was charged with battery and assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence.

Ernesto Antonio Cabrera, 51, was charged with assault, resisting arrest and disorderly intoxication.

More arrests and more charges may be pending.

The two arrested were part of a group of approximately 40 people all of whom were ejected from the resort property following the incident. All had Miami-Dade County addresses. Many were intoxicated and belligerent toward law enforcement throughout the incident.

The fracas began at roughly 6:50 p.m. when Deputy Victor Cristea saw two females arguing and causing a disturbance near a pool. Both females were intoxicated. When Deputy Cristea when to separate the two, Gonzalez became combative as she swore at Deputy Cristea and told him she was going to hit him. Deputy Cristea went to detain her at that time when she hit him in the face and kicked him. Meanwhile, several males in the group began pulling Gonzalez’s arms, preventing Deputy Cristea from restraining her.

None in the group obeyed Deputy Cristea’s commands to back away. More Deputies and other law enforcement officers began arriving. Cabrera was detained by some members of the group after attempting to charge law enforcement at the scene. Detective Matthew O’Neill displayed a Taser and told the group back away. The group then retreated. Gonzalez was ultimately handcuffed, but she resisted and screamed profanities throughout the incident.

Meanwhile, Deputy Corbin Hradecky was one of the multiple law enforcement officers tasked with explaining to everyone in the group — all of whom filled at least five of villas at the resort — that the property management wanted them to leave and trespassed from the resort for causing the disturbance. Cabrera became combative when instructed to leave the property. Cabrera was intoxicated. Cabrera began taunting law enforcement as he walked in and out of the villas while other members of the group were preparing to leave. Cabrera saw his wife leave a room with a bottle of liquor and attempted to take it from her. He then began lunging at her when others in the group began holding him back. Deputy Hradecky ordered Cabrera to stop and pointed his Taser at him.

Cabrera twisted and pulled down Deputy Hradecky and several other law enforcement officers attempting to detain him. Ultimately, Cabrera was handcuffed and detained.

It took the Sheriff’s Office and other law enforcement officers approximately an hour and a half to remove all members of the group from the property.

Cabrera and Gonzalez were taken to jail.

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