Just a few of the Bright Seasons Women helping with hurricane relief in the lower Keys.

  In life, it seems that at one time or another, everyone experiences tough times.  Maybe a spouse is laid off or someone is going through an illness or had an accident.  A bouquet of flowers could change an attitude and brighten a day.  Some people fall through the loops and do not qualify for assistance.  

In April of this year, Michelle Dulevich called twenty-eight friends and told them what she wanted to do and they jumped in with both feet.  A crazy idea?  Would they be able to pull it off?  Time would tell.  What did they want to do?

   Michelle and her friends wanted to create a non-profit organization that would help to provide assistance to a certain group of people.  Michelle explained, “You know there are so many different groups in Homestead who do good.  Some work on cancer patients, some work on scholarships, etc. and that is all good but what we wanted to do is step out of the box and bring a bright season so someone.  There are many great organizations out there who do good on their own, Kiwanis, Rotary, etc. but we don’t want to be another organization’s helper.”  She continued, “a husband may lose his job and we may pay their electric bill for a month or for instance, one of our local girl’s son was diagnosed with cancer and she sat with him through it all so we helped out financially as she had to miss work to be with him.  A husband passes away and the widow needs help with the lawn.  All of us have experienced a dark season in our lives In speaking of the members, Michelle said, “Every one of the women bring a gift.  Some of them are phenomenal cooks while others have hearts for different things but we all just came together with our individual talents.  They are twenty-eight wonderful women!” 

   Michelle and her friends toyed around in naming the group and finally settled on the name, Brightseasons.  Michelle recalled, “We’ve been married for 33 years and we have had our seasons.  There were times when we needed tires or kids needed uniforms or whatever and we struggled.  We are there for the people who just need a little help…who are in a dark season.  I think our dark seasons prepared me for this.”

   The group recently participated in helping the Keys and committed to four Wednesdays where they took truckloads of goods to those affected by Hurricane Irma.  “Keith Pierson Chevrolet and Dooley Intermed International have been great donors as well as other businesses and individuals.” stated Michelle.  “One hundred percent of what comes in goes out and there are no paid employees.” Michelle proudly explained.  Due to excess funds to be spend that were donated for the hurricane project, Michelle and a few others will be making another trip to the Keys this week to scout out another worthy project.  “Every cent will be spent on the donated cause.” Stated Michelle.

   If someone needs a “Bright Season” or would like to make a donation, Brightseasons may be contacted through their Facebook page or their website at www.Brightseasons.com.  If not on the internet, Michelle can be contacted at 305-304-8210.  All information is confidential and there is an application for assistance on the website and Facebook page.

   Michelle added, “We are hoping that people will get to know what we do and they will call for help.  This has completely changed my life in the way that it is fulfilling.  There is nothing better than to help people.  I feel like this has always been my thing but I didn’t know how to get it together.”

   Perhaps Brightseasons’ website sums it up, “We will pay it forward in the hopes that the people we help will do so as well when their season turns.”where we needed help and felt there was nowhere to turn.  This is what we want to do.”

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