Anonymous illegal dumping over acres of land in Redland continues, while fines pile up for the landowners. This debris is located at 17800 SW 197th Ave.

Anonymous illegal dumping over acres of land in Redland continues, while fines pile up for the landowners. This debris is located at 17800 SW 197th Ave.

Redland Association Is Maintaining Their Watch

As reported in February 2021, the Redland Homes and Farms Association (RHF) was formed by concerned homeowners who see this historic area plagued by illegal truck parking, mobile home parks,dumping, unlicensed, for-profit party locations, burning of toxic waste, road repair, and the tragedy of horse theft and slaughter. (“Redland Association Meets With Commissioner,” March 5, 2021 edition).

RHF members were in fact notified of a new proposed County ordinance to deal with the illegal truck parking issue. They posted it to their Facebook Page with the note of, “Let's help the county, and ourselves, by contacting the commissioners so that it passes a vote!”

They are also following through on documenting and submitting complaints to the full range of County offices and officials, to include Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava. RHF President Michael Wanek forwarded one such photograph.

“I think the photos say 100,000 words. Zoom in to see tires, scrap, trusses, RVs, roofs, and a puzzle ofgarbage. This really goes beyond the egregiousness of dumping or even a truck lot. THIS is a code red environmental disaster! When I saw this photo in detail on Sunday, my jaw dropped. I couldn't believe the brazen nature of such a crime... these criminals don't deserve a fine, but rather five years in prison at least. Please do your best to ensure justice is served swiftly. In fact, I believe the county should take over the clean-up and charge the owner. I can't imagine the asbestos, oils, and toxins seeping into the ground right at the edge of Everglades just before the rainy season. These objects will also become flying missiles in a hurricane.”

Edwin Rivera, Neighborhood Compliance Supervisor, Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources, (RER) Code Compliance Division provided the information that they were working three active cases and would be following up on the citations issued.

Homeowners and other residents interested in the Redland Homes and Farms Association (RHF) may contact Michael Wanek at 305.726.7688 and through their Facebook page.


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