New Year’s resolutions do often fall by the wayside; sometimes rather quickly. In other cases, new steps or directions are taken and individuals achieve goals they set or at least explore an area of interest.

“I never knew you had this here,” is a common statement when someone hears about Homestead Center for the Arts (HCA). “You have what?”, is usually the follow-on question.

Artists in all mediums, a choir, dancers, garden lovers, history lovers, orchid lovers, theater lovers, woodturners, and writers as a start. The lack of a physical facility is one reason for confusion about HCA’s almost forty-four years of nurturing and promoting local arts and culture.

A quick history dates to 1976 when sixty-six individuals agreed, “We want Homestead to be known as a cultural center for the arts.”

Chartered as a non-profit, there was coordination with the City of Homestead because, “The original plan was to build a permanent, nonprofit facility to house and promote cultural interests associated with the arts.”

The lofty plan came with a lofty price tag of $1.5 million dollars which was a significant sum. While some progress was made, all the required elements never came together. HCA continues to function instead as an umbrella organization for local arts and culture groups or a “center without walls.”

There are both individual members as well as eighteen currently established groups focused on artistic, cultural or community support missions.

The groups, referred to as “Affiliates”, are:

Art for Good,

The Children’s Gallery and Art Center,

East Everglades Orchid Society,

Expressions Dance Company of Donna Lee Dance Studio,

the Florida Pioneer Museum,

Friends of the Seminole Theatre/Cultural Arts Theatre, Inc. (SCATI),

Homestead Main Street,

Homestead Townhall Museum,

Lamplighters Writers Group,

Mexican American Council,

Redland Ahead,

South Dade Community Choir,

South Dade Garden Club,

South Florida National Parks Camera Cub,

South Florida Woodturners Guild,

Tropical Fruit and Vegetable Society,

What If Works (Theater),

and the GFWC Woman's Club of Homestead.

Many individual members belong to one or more of the Affiliates and HCA welcomes new groups.

A few meet year-round and most meet at least nine to ten months of the year.

During the past few months, HCA has increased their outreach with the help of technology. The most recent collaboration with the Seminole Theatre was, “More MuSing on Art”, where images from featured member artists were synchronized as Hal Roland and his Miami Techno Jazz Ensemble introduced the audience to this new music genre. The live and live streamed event entertained and served as the platform to announce HCA’s establishment of a dedicated YouTube channel in addition to their website, Facebook, and Instagram presence. More than 500 viewers left comments like, Great show”, and “Beautiful Artwork. Loved the music!”

To return to the point of New Year’s resolutions, beginning a garden of any size, exploring photography from basics to advanced techniques, learning more about local history, picking up a paintbrush for the first time, starting to write that book, or simply meeting like-minded people involved with arts and culture, are only part of what can be found in HCA.

For complete details go to, call 305 230-9572, or find them on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.

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