A new artistic mural is coming to the Seminole Theater. The Homestead City Council is in the process of discussing what the mural will be.

The City Council and community leaders want the mural to represent the local community. The goal is to have a mural that will show indigenous people who lived in the area for thousands of years, people and families who have worked in agriculture and built modern Homestead, and individuals who live and work in Homestead today. It will show families from the past and people who are building lives today.

The Homestead City Councill issued a call to artists. The Council will then select an artist and the project will move forward, according to Zackery Good, assistant city manager. This was discussed at the recent Committee of the Whole (COW) meeting.

Council woman Erica Avila said, “I think a mural would be a beautiful testament to the various arts we have in the City. I would like to include nature elements on the mural.”

Also, the Council is continuing to discuss the Keys Gate project. It has been on hold because the applicant needed more time to finish various materials.

The developer wants to build 1,300 homes in the Keys Gate area on undeveloped land and the former golf course. The developer has proposed to revitalize the golf course and remodel the club house and restaurant.

There has been concern about the number of units to be built. The golf course has a long history and members of the Homestead community have various beliefs on what they want to see built there, according to Good.

The Council received a $502,061 Community Development Block Grant CARES provided by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity and funded by the federal government.

This money will be used to pay for citywide public service assistance and economic development activities also known as the Project, according to City information.

During the COW meeting there was a presentation by the artist Carlos Enrique Prado. He is a professor of art at the University of Miami. He showed the Council step by step how he created a bronze statue of the late President Ronald Reagan standing next to a horse. The Council is hoping to commission bronze artwork in the future.

“It was very intriguing and enlightening. I had no idea that much detail went into that type of presentation,” said Avila. “I gained a newfound respect for the bronze artform.”

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the mural should reflect the tropics. like jamaica, haiti and the other beautiful islands off our shores. it would be more beautiful i think.

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