Election batch with blue, red and stars.

Homestead’s primary election on Tuesday, October 5 will include candidates for Mayor and for each of three City Council seats. The qualifying period for these offices closes on Friday September 3.

Although all Homestead voters can vote for every council seat, Council candidates must be residents of the City area that they represent.

Council Seat #1 requires a candidate that is a resident of the Northwest District. As of September 1, Julio Guzman was the only candidate filed for Seat #1. Guzman is a real estate broker who was appointed to fill the term of Stephen Shelley’s seat #1 when he became Acting Mayor.

Council Seat #4 represents the Southwest District. Incumbent Councilmember Jenifer Bailey, a pre-school principal, is running for re-election. Facing her for the seat is first time candidate, retiree Valnecia Brown.

Council Seat #5 requires candidates who are residents of the Waterstone, Malibu Bay neighborhood district. Candidates for Seat #5 are appointed incumbent Erica Avila, a senior mortgage loan originator, attorney Bradley Compton, and Maycol Enriquez, a County facilities and maintenance manager.

Candidates for Homestead Mayor are incumbent Steve Losner, an attorney and former Councilmember, former Mayor Jeff Porter, a businessman, and former Councilmember Elvis Maldonado, an IT consultant.

In the primary election two years ago with all twenty-two Homestead precincts reporting, 2,977 votes were cast of a total of 32,170 registered voters. Total turnout for the 2019 primary for Mayor was 9.25% of all voters.

If no candidate receives more than 50% of the votes cast in the primary, the race then becomes a run-off election held at the same time as the General Election in November.

Voter registration for the primary closes Sep- tember 7. Voter registration for the General Election on Tuesday November 2 ends on Monday, October 4.

The general election ballot in November will include the race for Vice Mayor. Also on the ballot will be charter review questions as recommended by City Council.

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