Multiple arrests after public brawl

Multiple arrests after sheriffs were called for fight at the Carribean Club.

Two men and a woman were arrested Sunday night after a melee at the docks of the Caribbean Club bar, which left one man hospitalized with a broken nose and damage to his eye.

Waldo E. Pacheco, 39, of Homestead, was charged with aggravated battery and battery.

Phillip Gallina, 43, and Toby Salome (female), 51, both of Brooklyn, New York, were both charged with battery.

More arrests and charges may be pending.

Multiple Deputies responded to the melee on the docks behind the bar about 6:19 p.m. to find the fracas still underway. They also found Alex Mercado, 49, of Miami, lying on his side, his face covered in blood. Mercado was taken to Mariners Hospital for treatment for broken bones to his face.

Multiple witnesses described a chaotic incident that began when a large white boat struck a small white boat already docked. Mercado, Gallina and Salome were all reportedly in the larger boat, while Pacheco (and others) made up the other group already docked.

Both groups began to argue with one another. Shoves led to blows being exchanged.

Mercado can be seen in one witness video pushing and hitting Pacheco as well as slapping Pacheco’s wife. Pacheco reportedly pushed several people, including Salome, in the opposing group into the water.

Deputy Joel Torres was shown another video of the incident, which showed Mercado pushing Pacheco and then stumbling at one point during the brouhaha. Pacheco can be seen delivering five consecutive closed-fisted strikes to Mercado’s face.

Pacheco was seen in another witness video delivering two more forearm strikes to Mercado’s face/head before the altercation subsided.

All three were taken to jail.

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