Artwork for this Community Fridge is by Sydney Maubert

Artwork for this Community Fridge is by Sydney Maubert

Covenant Missionary Baptist Church has been a strong part of the community for decades and among their good deeds, they added a “Community Fridge” on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

From left: Tamu and Eldred Fourie show the filled  Community Fridge.

From left: Tamu and Eldred Fourie show the filled Community Fridge.

More precisely, the pastor and other senior members of the church accepted the offer of Eldred and Tamu Fourie to install and manage the refrigerator.

Although the story, “Community Fridges: New Project for Help”, was in the December 18, 2020 edition of the News Leader, the Fourie's originally learned of the Liberty City project and started to research how to become involved. It is a national movement and they also visited several sites around Miami. He’s

originally from South Africa, she from Trinidad-Tobago. They left New York in 2004, and relocated from Kendall to Homestead about five years ago.

“We know Florida City is an area of food insecurity and that Covenant Church is well connected to the community,” Fourie explained. “We want to spread the word and are glad to be the vessels to bring this to the community. If you can donate, please do. This is for helping with food insecurity and avoiding waste.”

Unlike some community fridges, this one is external to the building, yet is under a cover. The process is simple. Individuals take what food they need and leave food if they wish to contribute. The Fourie's have posted signs to provide information for recipients and donors. They check the fridge daily and have posted health and sanitation measures they take. (The refrigerator is located at 1005 NW 6th Ave, Florida City)

“We want to say ‘Thank You’ to the volunteers and food donors, and to those who have contributed via GoFundMe,” Fourie added.

A visual aspect to the program is each fridge is painted by an area artist. This one is the work of Sydney Maubert who can be seen at

To learn more about how to help, contact or Instagram: Floridacitycommunityfridge or

To learn more about the Community Fridge program in general, go to or find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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