Acreage at the NE corner of SW 288th street and 142nd Ave was approve for“medium density” of 13 to 25 dwellings per acre.

Acreage at the NE corner of SW 288th street and 142nd Ave was approve for“medium density” of 13 to 25 dwellings per acre.

Citizens gathered at the Ag Extension Center for an informative discussion by the Ag Practices Committee regarding sensitive issues that will have future bearing on the development of the South Dade area.

The Ag Practices Board is chaired by capable farmer, turned statesman, Sam Accursio.

All listened intently as Kimberly Brown, from Miami-Dade County, read off an extensive list of items that would be addressed at a future date by the Planning Advisory Board in downtown Miami. Of major importance were discussion of extending commercial use at four major intersections along Krome Avenue.

Grouped together were other items that included: cluster development on 25 acre or larger plots of land, transfer of development rights, designating two pervious agricultural sites for regulated commercial motor vehicle parking and storage, extension of the Redland’s boundary and re-designation of land near the “frog pond,” which was once a major farming area.

Members of the Ag Board interacted with County Officials for clarification, then interjected their opinions before opening the floor for public comment on each issue.

This organized method was a far cry from what was to transpire in downtown Miami the following Wednesday.

The November 4th meeting of the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) began promptly at 1:30 pm in the Commissioner’s Chambers. There were seven major issues to be addressed.

The first, regarding the request to amend the CDMP (Comprehensive Development Master Plan) from agriculture to business and office at four intersections on Krome Avenue was withdrawn, thus no discussion took place on that issue.

The second item addressed was for re-designation of 8.64 net acres at the northeast corner of SW 288th street and 142nd avenue from “low density” of 2.5 to 6 dwellings per acre to “medium density” of 13 to 25 dwellings per acre. Objections centered on increased traffic, insufficient police, a need for a fire station and shortage of elementary schools in the area. The proposal for this “Workforce Housing Development” passed.

Then came the largest item, 11 separate issues bundled together and presented in a manner that no one could follow. It was so confusing that the PAB didn’t quite know how to handle it. Were they expected to lump all

issues together for one vote to recommend or deny the package?

Finally, one of the board members made a comment on the chaos and the Chairman was able to allow both the members and public to speak what was on their minds on all issues.

However, by 7:15 pm, when all was said and done, the PAB decided to transmit their finding without recommendation to the Commissioners.

In the next few weeks there will be many meetings regarding the future of the South Dade area.

All concerned citizens can voice their opinion at these important meetings whether they stand for or against development on a small scale, a large scale or no scale at all. This is about your property rights and the property rights of others. It is also about farmer’s rights and the future of the farming industry in South Dade.

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