Students like Marionica Noel, who traveled to India for Experiment in International Living, will meet many people and forge friendships.

Students like Marionica Noel, who traveled to India for Experiment in International Living, will meet many people and forge friendships. 

While travel has not “returned to normal” in some ways, The Experiment in International Living program has opened the window for Monroe County high school students to apply for scholarships to spend three to four weeks abroad in the summer.

The program, among three established in World Learning Inc., is one aspect of partnering with the Monroe County Education Foundation (MCEF). Although the partnership began more than a decade ago, this is the fourth year for the study abroad opportunity. No travel was available last year, but in 2019, thirty-seven Monroe County students were selected.

For summer 2022, seven new programs and internships accredited through The Experiment’s sister institution, the School for International Training (SIT), offer high school students the opportunity to earn three college credits while studying or interning abroad. This expansion will provide even more flexibility for students looking to find their career focus, explore their college majors, and earn critical skills – all while forging authentic intercultural bonds and making a real impact in the world.”

This year, twenty students will receive merit-based scholarships of 50 percent off tuition and international airfare to study abroad in 2022 on one of the Experiment's programs around the globe.

Students apply on-line; https://www.experiment.

org/apply/apply-now/?form=apply_now. January 20, 2022 is the deadline. On the Program Selection page of their applications, students should answer “Yes” to the question, “Were you nominated by your mentoring organization, partner organization, or sending high school?” Then, choose “Monroe County Scholarship” from the picklist.

The Monroe County Education Foundation (MCEF) website describes their participation. “The Experiment in International Living (The Experiment), Monroe County, has been a companion program sponsored by MCEF since 2006.

Through the program, area high school students benefit from the experience of living abroad with families for 3-5 weeks during the summer. The various program themes are designed to instill a deeper cultural awareness and nurture relationships through the development of language skills, and encourage many other hands-on activities.”

Natalia G, a former student at Coral Shores High School, chose one of the longer distance trips to learn about Vietnam Ecology and Conservation. In her post-trip essay she included this experience. “One major cross-cultural situation that we faced as a group was the English-Vietnamese language

barrier. At first, it seemed as if this would be an unconquerable obstacle. However, as we began to exchange culture in other forms, such as dance, song, art, and games, we realized that language is only one small aspect of culture, and there are so many other ways to connect. A prime example of this is when we ate dinner at a small village in Da Lat City. They taught us their ethnic dances around a fire, and we ended the night by teaching them our pop-culture American dances. It was an amazing night and no language even had to be exchanged.”

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