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As academic learning continues, with a mix of on-campus/in-school attendance and virtual learning, COVID-19 case numbers have been increasing as well among students, faculty, and staff at local schools and colleges.

Since October 5, when Miami-Dade and Monroe County students returned back to school under CDC/social distancing guidelines, local schools have been monitoring their cases and updating their online databases with the information accordingly.

Miami-Dade County schools have reported a total of 177 students and 74 employees with positive COVID-19 test results.

Monroe County schools have 15 students and 3 employees noted with positive COVID-19 test results.

On some college campuses, the numbers are much higher.

For instance, the University of Florida has confirmed 733 cases of Coronavirus among students and staff, from October 1 to October 26.

While at Florida State University, their year-to-date COVID-19 infection total is 12 students, 2 employees.

With a current total campus of 1835 students, FSU’s lower student numbers more than likely play a role in the decreased rate of cases.

Thus, at larger schools like the University of Central Florida -- currently with over 69,000 students attending -- their year-to-date information shows that 1,578 students and 149 employees have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

The University of Miami’s Corona-virus case numbers are lower however: year-to-date reporting is at 595 students, 75 employees.

Nonetheless, the common factor among all these campuses is that COVID-19 is very much a part of the student experience; now more than ever.

Hopefully, their final grades for curtailing Coronavirus there, will be as good as their students' final class grades.

For current updates/information on Miami-Dade County schools COVID-19 cases, go to and click on the COVID-19 Dashboard at the top.

For current updates/information on Monroe County schools COVID-19 cases, go to and click on the COVID-19 Dashboard.

For current updates/information on COVID-19 cases at the following

universities, go to their corresponding web address listed below.

Florida State University:

University of Central Florida:

University of Florida:

University of Miami:

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